Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Food Processing Equipment: Maximize up time with DualVee®

Originally designed for harsh environment applications where existing technologies were ineffective, these v groove bearings excel in extreme conditions. The v design creates a velocity gradient, which results in a constant sweeping action that cleans debris from the track. DualVee’s bearing elements are completely sealed and isolated from the environment. Grease is not under attack from constant exposure to water or contaminants, which can cause early failure in exposed bearings, making DualVee a durable and reliable choice for this demanding industry.

• Longer life keeps equipment up and running
• Install or replace in minutes • Speeds to 5.5 m/s
• Acceleration to 5 g’s
• Tolerant of temperatures as cold as -20° C
• High temperature and clean room options available
• Self-cleaning action sweeps debris from the track
• High accuracy and repeatability
• Can run completely dry (no grease); FDA approved grease available, or specify your own