Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Linear Guide Wheels in Action for Pipe Cutting at FabTech!

Didn't take long cruising the floor at the FabTech Expo this week with our linear guide wheel tour guide named 'Mo' to find our products in action! The massive metal industry trade event features hundreds of vendors, many of them showcasing their newest technologies for the first time, and we found DualVee guide wheels and track in quite a few pipe-cutting machines on display. How cool!

[ We're one of about 1,200 FabTech vendors, by the way. Check us out at booth #5133 if you're here ]

These DualVee-guided machines use vee bearings and track parts to guide air cylinders up 'n down and back 'n forth, as well as to horizontally line up varying lengths of pipe to cut. In some cases, these machines need our ring and journal components to adjust the cutting head used to bevel angles in the pipe. Naturally, manufacturers who create this kind of machine need long-lasting components that withstand harsh conditions. Hey, that's our specialty! We wonder what other applications we'll see this week at FabTech ... it's our own little game of "I Spy!"