Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Other Ways to Mount the DualVee Guide Wheel

TODAY'S TOPIC: More DualVee mounting options.

In a recent blog post, we touched on a few basic ways to mount DualVee guide wheels [ click here in case you missed it ]. But there's more! We turned to our Project Engineer Brian Burke to tell us about some other possibilities. Here's our takeaway from that chat.

JOURNAL mounting comes in handy for adjusting wheel positions from behind an obstruction, like a plate or machine part. Because journals are sturdy and durable, some customers prefer to use them even when standard and low-profile bushings would do the trick. Burke sketched this example of both eccentric and concentric offset mountings to illustrate what he's talking about:

HEPCO BLIND HOLE FIXING TYPE mounting allows you to fasten onto a solid machine base where you can't mount through holes or where the mounting plate is just too thick. Basically, for when you can't get to the wheel side of the installation to adjust the eccentric offset, to put it in Burke's words. 

The blind hole fixed mounting type is the preferred solution when it's required to adjust the eccentricity from the front, or wheel side of the installation and when access to the opposite side is restricted. It comes in fixed concentric type or adjustable eccentric — for more on that, [ go to page 29 in our GV3 catalog ].

And there to your right, we have another one of Burke's lovely drawings! We might need to frame this bit of original artwork!

This blind hole-type mounting can be utilized in numerous applications such as gantries and wide platform sliders with heavy duty load requirements or covered tamper-proof carriages or slides fixed to tubular frames. For more examples, flip to [ pages 8 thru 13 ] of the GV3 catalog.

The best mounting option depends on the application — maybe you found a novel way to assemble our products. Our application engineers frequently encounter unique and innovative solutions. What's your story?