Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inspiring Next Generation of Innovators


Pittsburg, CA - - March 29, 2010 - - Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation, manufacturer of the original DualVee guide wheel and industry leader in guided motion technology, announced today that for the fourth consecutive year it has joined forces with FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), a not-for-profit organization founded by inventor Dean Kamen to inspire young people’s interest and participation in science and technology, as a Silver Supplier of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC®).

The FIRST Robotics Competition Silver Supplier level designates a contribution between $10,000 and $50,000. Bishop-Wisecarver provided an in-kind contribution of $29,000 for the 2010 FRC Kit of Parts which was distributed to more than 1,800 teams of high-school students on January 9, 2010.

In addition to the charitable contribution to the FIRST Robotics Competition Kit of Parts, Bishop-Wisecarver is co-sponsoring three local high schools. “We have been closely following the teams’ progress in their designing and building of their robots for the regional competitions, says Pamela Kan, President of Bishop-Wisecarver. It’s been an amazing experience to watch the excitement these students exude, their teamwork, and the utilization of their science and math skills as they turn their innovative ideas and designs into reality.”

“Bishop-Wisecarver is a generous supporter of the FIRST Robotics Competition,” said FIRST president, Paul R. Gudonis. “As a Silver Supplier, Bishop-Wisecarver greatly helps us to achieve our vision: ‘to create a world where science and technology are celebrated… where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders.”

By providing components for the competition, FIRST suppliers are putting the latest technology in the hands of students, giving them the opportunity to apply the same tools used by professional scientists and engineers and ultimately helping them learn real-world skills they will carry into the workplace.

Since 1992, FIRST has brought the excitement of a sporting event to science and technology via robotics competitions. On January 9, the organization unveiled the annual engineering challenge to teams, who also received a Kit of Parts made up of 577 items including motors, batteries, a control system, a PC, and a mix of automation components – but no instructions. Working with mentors, students now have just six weeks to design, build, program, and test their robots in preparation for regional events that measure the effectiveness of each robot, the power of collaboration, and the determination of students.

In the 2010 FRC “Breakaway” robotics game, two alliances of three teams will compete on a 27-by-54-foot field with bumps, attempting to earn points by collecting soccer balls in goals. Additional bonus points will be earned for each robot suspended in air and not touching the field at the end of the match.

More than 45,000 students from 12 countries will design and build robots to compete in regional events with winners advancing to the FIRST Championship in Atlanta, Georgia, April 15-17, 2010. Participating students are eligible to apply for nearly $12 million in scholarships offered by leading universities, colleges, and companies.

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For event schedules, sponsorships or other information about FIRST or the FIRST Robotics Competition, visit www.usfirst.org

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Going the Distance - Going for Speed

THE CHALLENGE? Miller Weldmaster Corporation is a company that manufactures welding equipment for the thermoplastic and industrial fabric industries to heat seal seams of sign and billboard panels, inflatable boats, and truck tarpaulins. The machinery varies in length and requires a product that can be easily joined, run smooth, and operated in various conditions.

The Miller Weldmaster Model 112 Cross Seamer provides the quickest, most attractive seam for the flexible sign industry. The length of the machine is from 3 Meters to 20 Meters long. The size 3 track is bolted to a steel beam and is butt-jointed which allows the flexibility to customize their customers’ needs and manufacture a machine to virtually any length. The W3 DualVee wheels are mounted to a custom carriage plate which carries the welding head.

THE SOLUTION! [ VIEW THE FULL STORY ] The DualVee components provided Miller Weldmaster with a rigid, smooth and modular Linear Guidance system. They have continued to use DualVee wheels, drilled track and bushings because of its simplicity, durability and life.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

LoPro® Linear Motion Systems in the Medical Industry

Long Traverse Length and Smoothness Provide the Solution

Challenge / Opportunity: The medical industry was in need of a coil winder that could mass produce wound wire products yet, at the same time, meet the ever demanding need for extremely high quality coils. The customer needed a very low profile and longer lengths than an industry standard linear system.

Application Description: These coils are used in various applications as tools to help implant medical devices in humans as well as a method for delivering parts such as a stent. Additionally, they are used as leads in pacemakers.

Solution: Bishop-Wisecarver provided a medical machine builder with a slightly modified LoPro® off-the-shelf. A size 3 LoPro® was selected to deliver wire to the arbor. The LoPro® is being driven by a brushless servo motor, required to meet the accuracy demands of winding a wire .0004 inch diameter around a wire .0004 inch diameter having a .0004 inch pitch. A special wheel plate was designed with a locking lever to hold the wheel plate in place during the winding process. A bench top model produces coils up to 30 inches long and a floor model can produce coils up to 156 inches long.

Product Details: LoPro® Linear Motion Systems are pre-engineered modular units consisting of an anti-friction slide way and a linear actuator. Standard drive actuators include belt and pulley, chain and sprocket, lead screw and ball screw. LoPro®’s integrated design is a highly versatile and cost effective means of achieving high performance, driven linear motion. LoPro® linear systems are suitable for numerous applications.

• Available in four sizes and customizable to virtually
any stroke length – limited only by the method of actuation
• Speeds in excess of 8 meters per second
• Low noise, smooth, anti-friction operation
• Sleek, low profile design allows for tight fits and unmatched aesthetic appearance.
• Custom length steel or aluminum support structures available
• Wide footprint allows extra stability.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Metal Chips are Flying!

In this video, our machine shop creates our sixty year logo out of aluminum >>

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Bishop-Wisecarver is celebrating sixty years of innovation and design! We are the original creators of DualVee Motion Technology, and have been been solving our customers' most demanding application challenges. From our start as a custom machine fabricator to a leading provider of guide wheel based linear motion products, we have the engineering and manufacturing experience to help solve your toughest problems. From slight product modifications to complete custom parts, we have the design and production resources to satisfy your custom linear motion requirements. Our in-house application engineers are ready to help you build the best system to fit your specific requirements.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Coming Around Full Circle – Rotary Motion

Moving from here to there isn’t always traveled in a straight line. Not all motion needs are linear, and our exclusive rotary motion product lines from HepcoMotion® are an innovative collection designed to save time when addressing simple or complex assembly operations.
View a DTS product video here >>
View a PRT product video (featuring customized track gate) here >>

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The PRT line offers ring and track systems, while the DTS line
offers actuated ring and track systems:

• Complete 360ยบ rings and rotary motion tables
• Ring segments
• Rack cut rings available for gear driven rings
• Gearing available, Smooth action
• Carbon, stainless steel and composite components

Seeking a more economical version where high accuracy is not required?
The commercial product series offers a great alternative for rotary motion customers that are looking for an economical version. These continuous rotary motion assemblies will replace the need for a number of linear movements where assembly operations are being implemented.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

V Groove Guide Wheels: DUALVEE® Harsh Environments

Whether it's grease, metal chips, dust or weld splatter -- These v groove guide wheels made for harsh environments can handle high temperatures, low temperatures, dirty and washdown. DualVee guide wheels consist of both an external and internal 90 degree v angle, and are made with 440C stainless steel balls and races. The v bearing guide wheel is made w/ a double row angular contact bearing for excellent load capability and long life. Other options include seals and shields to meet specific application needs. Customer specific lubricants can also be used upon request > WWW.BWC.COM

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Custom LoPro Linear Actuator by Bishop-Wisecarver

Need a tough, cost effective, low friction, low profile modular solution, built to withstand a wide range of operating environments?

Metric ball screw driven LoPro actuator systems are accurate to 0.004 in/ft (0.1 mm /300mm). Ball screws are available in standard and corrosion resistant forms to meet environmental constraints. Basic or wiper wheel plates may be selected, as well as steel or aluminum support beams.

These actuated linear motion systems utilize proven DualVee guide wheel technology for smooth and quiet motion over long lengths. The actuation options include AT series belt, ANSI roller chain, lead screw, and ball screw. Non-actuated versions are also available.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New HepcoMotion® PDU2M Belt Driven Unit Now Available - 03/09/2010

New addition to popular PDU2 line offers increased moment load capacity and stiffness
suitable for multi-axis systems and demanding single-axis applications

Pittsburg, CA - - March 9, 2010 - - Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation, manufacturer of the original DualVee® guide wheel and industry leader in guided motion technology, announces the availability of the new HepcoMotion® PDU2M Profile Belt Driven Unit, a high capacity version of the successful PDU2. The PDU2M incorporates a carriage that contains four extra rollers on each side in order to withstand increased moment forces. Suitable for demanding single-axis systems and multi-axis applications, the PDU2M delivers a 50% higher load capacity, a 200% increase in moment load capacity and a 1,000% improvement in moment load stiffness compared to the standard PDU2. Designers can now specify a single PDU2M unit as a horizontal axis in an X-Z system, where previously two PDU2 units working in parallel would have been required to provide the necessary rigidity and strength.

PDU2M is comprised of a rigid but lightweight aluminum slotted profile fitted with a toothed belt drive and carriage which effectively encloses the unit. Rated for operating speeds up to 6m/s and loads up to 750N, PDU2M’s 20AT3 belt allows for driving forces up to 280N. Left, right or double drive shafts can be specified together with a range of options such as brakes, positioning encoders and mechanical or inductive limit switches. Internal bumpers provide end of stroke protection at both ends.

Key to this unit is the extra ultra-high performance HepcoMotion Herculane® wheels that are mounted on adjustable eccentric studs. These wheels run virtually friction-free on the inside of the profile providing stable support for the carriage plate; felt wipers sweep debris from their path. Several carriage styles are available to allow for quick and easy construction of multi-axis systems with minimal brackets and hardware.

PDU2 is fully compatible with aluminum profile systems (which Bishop-Wisecarver carries) and is an ideal replacement for failing ball-based systems that are unable to match its speed and reliability.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

HepcoMotion® PRT Takes on the Packaging Industry

Weighing In with HepcoMotion PRT - High precision ring and track delivers flexibility, durability and performance to mobile weighing carts. See why this company chose the HepcoMotion PRT!

Challenge: John P. Waterhouse Co., Ltd., wanted to design a multi-ingredient dosing and weighing system that was more adaptable and flexible than the traditional minor ingredient weighing systems being used in the industry. The system required stability, precise positioning, friction-free motion, and high load carrying capacities in order to produce an optimal system. It also required the ease of expansion to allow for the inclusion of additional material feed stations.

Application Description: Single weighing carts, or “Smart Carts”, are individually fixed to carriage plates mounted on a precision mono-rail track. Low melt bags or other receptacles are automatically or manually loaded onto the carriage that proceeds around the track collecting specific quantities of material at different feed stations. On completion of the batch, the bag is printed, sealed and ejected onto an accumulation system. The system handles direct loads up to 3,800N and moment loads of 210Nm.

Solution: The HepcoMotion Precision Ring and Track system (PRT) was chosen because it met all the parameters specified by the developer. To achieve carriage stability at changing speeds, the system is powered by variable speed drives and uses PRT fixed center carriages with opposing concentric and eccentric bearings, which enable simple hand adjustments to minimize play and friction. Track mounted flags and carriage-mounted sensors to determine carriage location ensure precise positioning of the carts. High quality steel, zone hardened vee edges, and precision ground PRT components provide smooth running motion. The bearing assemblies incorporate high precision ball races that are shielded and greased for life. The PRT lubrication system increases load carrying capabilities by a factor of four and life by a factor of 25.

Products Used: HepcoMotion® PRT Precision Ring and Track System

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Caked in Dust No Match for LoPro® >> Jets Through Cement

LoPro® Jets Through Cement Caked in cement dust, the LoPro linear system reliably drives water jet cross cutter on cement fiberboard line >> See how LoPro solved this manufacturer's challenge!
Challenge: A building products manufacturer that produces fiber-cement plank siding for homes needed an actuated system that would hold up in a harsh environment where cement dust covers everything in the plant. Originally, the machine was powered by an actuated system that utilized flat face polyamide covered bearing wheels riding in the inner channels of an aluminum extrusion profile. After only 6 months in operation, the bearing wheels failed due to ingress of the cement dust. It was determined that the entire unit would need to be replaced or completely rebuilt.

Application Description: The fiber-cement siding is calendared to thickness in wide slabs that is then slit to 6-8” widths as the slab is fed underneath a bank of water jet cutters. The feeding of the slab is stopped at a cross-cutting station where the leading edge and then the trailing edge of each slab is trimmed by a water jet cutter that traverses across the width. The travel length is 172”, speed is 73 in/sec with 1g acceleration and the load is 20 lbs. at a 12” roll moment. The system cycles five times per minute, two shifts per day, six days per week.
Solution: Although a size 2 LoPro would have been sufficient to handle the application, a size 4 LoPro was used. The system was mounted to an existing cross beam on the line. It was placed on its side with the face of the wheel plate positioned vertically to carry the cross-cutting water jet head. For an additional minimal cost, the customer was able to get 3-4 times the load and life capacity by moving up to a larger size. The LoPro design also allows easy replacement of individual track and wheels as they wear resulting in a cost savings to the customer. After operating for more than a year, the new LoPro system is running well.

Products Used:
• LoPro Size 4- belt driven, corrosion resistant

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New HepcoMotion® PSD80 Profile Screw Driven Unit Now Available - 3/02/2010

New HepcoMotion® PSD80 Profile Screw Driven Unit Now Available - 3/02/2010
Exceptionally versatile linear actuator is ideal for lighter load applications

(Click here for original release) Pittsburg, CA - - March 2, 2010 - - Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation, manufacturer of the original DualVee guide wheel and industry leader in guided motion technology, announces the availability of the new HepcoMotion® PSD80 Profile Screw Driven Linear Actuator with high efficiency Herculane® wheel technology. Designed to complement the established PSD120 ball screw actuator, PSD80 has been primarily developed around the need for a cost effective Z axis solution in lighter load applications such as pick and place and assembly operations.

Housed on a high strength aluminum beam and fitted with a stainless steel sealing band, the PSD80 uses Herculane wheels mounted to an adjustable carriage, offering long life and no re-lubrication. Single or multiple carriages on a unit are possible and can handle loads to 500N. A stainless steel lead screw provides actuation with pitch ranges of 4, 15, 25 and 70mm. The 25mm lead is particularly useful in Z axis applications, while the 70mm screw pitch satisfies the higher speed pick and place requirements and allows speeds up to 1 m/s and thrust loads to 300N. The lead screw is available in right and left handed threads and offers smooth, strong and precise actuation. A ball screw can be supplied for applications that require greater positioning accuracy.

PSD80 is supplied as a closed or open format dependent upon the application being subject to the ingress of dirt. The closed unit is rugged, tolerant of debris, and offers many mounting options while the open version is a lower cost solution that is compact, light, and has low friction. Where two units are to be used in parallel, a “slave axis” without the driving screw can be specified for both closed and open units. Adding to its flexibility, the PSD80 is available in a completely corrosion resistant version, as well as a double acting version for applications that require symmetrical movement from opposing carriages.

For more information on the HepcoMotion PSD80, click here.

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