Monday, March 22, 2010

LoPro® Linear Motion Systems in the Medical Industry

Long Traverse Length and Smoothness Provide the Solution

Challenge / Opportunity: The medical industry was in need of a coil winder that could mass produce wound wire products yet, at the same time, meet the ever demanding need for extremely high quality coils. The customer needed a very low profile and longer lengths than an industry standard linear system.

Application Description: These coils are used in various applications as tools to help implant medical devices in humans as well as a method for delivering parts such as a stent. Additionally, they are used as leads in pacemakers.

Solution: Bishop-Wisecarver provided a medical machine builder with a slightly modified LoPro® off-the-shelf. A size 3 LoPro® was selected to deliver wire to the arbor. The LoPro® is being driven by a brushless servo motor, required to meet the accuracy demands of winding a wire .0004 inch diameter around a wire .0004 inch diameter having a .0004 inch pitch. A special wheel plate was designed with a locking lever to hold the wheel plate in place during the winding process. A bench top model produces coils up to 30 inches long and a floor model can produce coils up to 156 inches long.

Product Details: LoPro® Linear Motion Systems are pre-engineered modular units consisting of an anti-friction slide way and a linear actuator. Standard drive actuators include belt and pulley, chain and sprocket, lead screw and ball screw. LoPro®’s integrated design is a highly versatile and cost effective means of achieving high performance, driven linear motion. LoPro® linear systems are suitable for numerous applications.

• Available in four sizes and customizable to virtually
any stroke length – limited only by the method of actuation
• Speeds in excess of 8 meters per second
• Low noise, smooth, anti-friction operation
• Sleek, low profile design allows for tight fits and unmatched aesthetic appearance.
• Custom length steel or aluminum support structures available
• Wide footprint allows extra stability.

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