Friday, March 12, 2010

Coming Around Full Circle – Rotary Motion

Moving from here to there isn’t always traveled in a straight line. Not all motion needs are linear, and our exclusive rotary motion product lines from HepcoMotion® are an innovative collection designed to save time when addressing simple or complex assembly operations.
View a DTS product video here >>
View a PRT product video (featuring customized track gate) here >>

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The PRT line offers ring and track systems, while the DTS line
offers actuated ring and track systems:

• Complete 360º rings and rotary motion tables
• Ring segments
• Rack cut rings available for gear driven rings
• Gearing available, Smooth action
• Carbon, stainless steel and composite components

Seeking a more economical version where high accuracy is not required?
The commercial product series offers a great alternative for rotary motion customers that are looking for an economical version. These continuous rotary motion assemblies will replace the need for a number of linear movements where assembly operations are being implemented.

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