Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Linear Slides and Rotary Guides: A Summer Internship In Motion

I can't believe that this is the last day of my summer internship here at Bishop-Wisecarver! It seems like just yesterday that it was my first day and I was getting nervous about how an International Relations and Managment major was going to understand linear guides and engineering! It is unbelievable how much I have learned in such a small period of time about not only the manufacturing of guided motion technology, but about marketing as well. Below are the major experiences I will take away from my internship and into my next year at St. Andrew's University in Scotland.

[ SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING ] Before I started my internship I did not have a Twitter account or even know about hashtags. During my tenure here, however, I have become more and more comfortable with social media marketing and tweeting. Through Twitter, I have learned about some great innovations such as edible books, shower-replacing gel and even the possibility of space hotels, not to mention how to connect with other people in the manufacturing and B2B industrial space. Blog writing is now also second nature and I will really miss updating everyone on BWC's top 10 favorite Twitter posts every Friday. Additionally, LinkedIn is now one of my new favorite social media sites. I can't imagine life without it!

[ IMPORTANCE OF SCIENCE/TECH EDUCATION ] One of the major things that I have learned from this internship is how important manufacturing and STEM education are to America and the world. Engineers and innovators are not only necessary for economic growth domestically, but are vital because they are the people that will come up with technologies to remedy global issues such as climate change and world hunger.

View of The University of St Andrews
University of St. Andrews, Credit: python.org
[ ADAPTABILITY ] This internship has taught me that it important to be adaptable and open minded when starting a job in an industry with which you aren't familiar. My background is in newspaper and professional services marketing. Therefore, it was a daunting prospect coming into an industry that I knew almost nothing about. However, through tweeting, doing market research and helping with student engineering camps and company blogs, I quickly found out that as long as one is willing to work hard and learn new ways of doing things, anything is possible. I will definitely apply this knowledge when working on my final year dissertation this year at the University of St. Andrews. Every time I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I will think about how I went from a student who hated math and science in high school to a person who helped market niche products to engineers and original equipment manufacturers!

[ THE FUTURE ] I have learned so many valuable things from my time here at Bishop-Wisecarver that will not only help me in my future career, but in life as well. I am just about to start my last year at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland (pictured right) and hope to start a job in marketing after I graduate in June 2013. My internship at BWC has prepared me really well for a career in marketing. So, thank you everyone at Bishop-Wisecarver who made my time here so fun and informative!