Monday, June 11, 2012

Motion Monday: This Double Acting Profile Driven Unit is a Linear Guide Secret Weapon

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This linear actuator is one of our best kept secrets... the [ HepcoMotion DAPDU2 ] is a double-acting profile driven unit that's built on a robust aluminum beam with two or more carriages running along the inside. The carriages use the same Herculane wheels you'll find in the popular Hepco PDU2 unit, and provide great load capacity and durability while running quietly. The underside of the profile was designed open, so no debris accumulates and jams it up. A strong, accurate toothed belt drives the carriages symmetrically. These units work well with HepcoMotion [ MCS framework ] components as well as with our other drive products, like the [ PDU2 ].

APPLICATION EXAMPLE The DAPDU2 is an ideal linear guide for the doors of an automatic spray booth. In this example, the unit has a total of four carriages — two moving right and the other two left. They fit each carriage with an angled plate and suspended a door in-between each set of carriages. The application also utilized some HepcoMotion track rollers (which you can learn more about in our GV3 catalog) that were fixed to the bottom of each door to control movement away from the wall. Last but not least, a DC motor was used to move the DAPDU2 unit by a right-angled planetary gearbox, which you can find in our PDU2 literature.

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