Friday, May 4, 2012

Top 10 Twitter Posts — Week 18: FIRST Robotics, Personal Challenges and a Sped-Up Look at BMW Production

Cheers, all! The California sun's out in full force and the lovely spring weather's got us all excited for a nice relaxing weekend. But before you go, enjoy our weekly list of our favorite tweets, from the informative to the entertaining. Don't miss the slew of "twit-chat" in the days ahead — follow us during the week at @BWCnews. Happy Friday!

Credit: Fast Company
1. The Challenge: Do Something Emotionally Difficult Every Day on Fast Company: This challenge caught our eye because it seems like something that could not only make your workplace better, but your life in general. Do one thing that's positive, but out of your comfort zone. And repeat that every day. The author makes a good case for it here.

2. [ INFOGRAPHIC ] Brief Look at the 2012 FIRST Robotics Competition via Our latest in a series of infographics for engineers has us all riled up in a good way. It's about our pet community project, FIRST robotics. We took some stats from the organization to give you all a retrospective of the program in 2012. Cool stuff!

3. Top 10 Reasons Why I love Supporting FIRST on BWC President Pamela Kan, still buzzing off the energy from that national FIRST championships last month, took a few minutes to mention some of the things she loves about Dean Kamen's robotics program. There's a reason she stands behind the organization every year ... ten reasons to count!

4. [ VIDEO ] 2012 FIRST Championship in St. Louis via Youtube: Our first BWC TV newscast — heck yeah! So we recently got back from the national FIRST robotics championship, where we blogged, tweeted and photo-documented all the action. But we also put together this reel of video highlights. Re-live the excitement with us!

5. [ INFOGRAPHIC ] A Look at LEAN Manufacturing via Another infographic we made popped up in our Twitter feed this week — this one about lean manufacturing. It's a good visual rundown of how to prevent waste and make the most of what you got. It applies to every business, really, not just the ones that manufacture linear motion technologies or curvilinear motion products.

Credit: Hashtags4Heroes
6. Support Wounded Warriors with Twitter Characters on Use the right characters and hashtags on Twitter this month and you could help raise awareness about our wounded veterans. Click through to learn more about this awesome use of social media to promote social justice!

7. In Pursuit of Guinness Records, Indian Man Knows No Limits in the LA Times: Maybe you're obsessed with something to the point that it becomes your guilty pleasure, but we doubt you're as obsessive as this guy who made the news for trying to break as many world records as possible. Crazy, but true, story. Another example of motion without limits!

8. Manufacturing Companies Show Promise in Tough Economy on CBS Minnesota: According to this article, the sound of economic recovery sounds like the din of a machine shop. Well that's encouraging!

9. One Man's Quest to be Penniless on Yahoo! News: A Utah man set out to live life without money — to be broke on purpose, if you will. He survives on roadkill, native plants and insects and lives in a cave. Sounds like a tough life, but this guy says he's happy as a clam out there. Read more about what motivated him to live more than a decade on the fringe of civilization.

10. [ VIDEO ] Unique On-Board Look at Entire BMW 3-Series Production on YouTube: Ooh! We had fun watching this sped-up look at this luxury car production. See for yourself — but buckle up, it might make you dizzy!