Friday, May 4, 2012

Product Spotlight: Pick and Place Unit Using Linear Guides

Linear Slides and Linear Guides / XYZ Unit

Just feels like an application example type of Friday, doesn't it? A little brief on motion systems we get excited about. Pick and place automation is a popular way to utilize linear guides and linear slides. In this product spotlight, we shed light on the very popular PDU2 and PSD80 product offerings used to create a cool pick and place unit.

X-Y-Z MULTI-AXIS SYSTEM The HepcoMotion® PDU2 family of products can connect together to make multi-axis systems in a large range of configurations. The example shown has a PDU2 X-axis, a PDU2M Y-axis and PSD80 Z-axis. It is typical of lightweight pick and place units.

Each axis has differing requirements for load capacity, stiffness and gearing, and each of the units is perfectly suited for this duty. Bishop-Wisecarver, HepcoMotion's exclusive North and Central American partner and distributor, will supply complete mechanical systems as shown including all axes, connectors and brackets, cable chains and trays, motor connections, drive shafts and frame elements. On application, motors, drives, cables, electrical connectors and a turnkey service can be supplied.