Monday, April 23, 2012

Motion Monday: The Final FIRST Showdown!

Wow, it's T-minus two days until the national FIRST showdown in St. Louis, Missouri. Time sure flew fast! During this season, we've kept you up-to-date on our involvement with this national robotics program as a Diamond Supplier, and we've shared some great stories about the students we sponsor at a few high school teams... now for the biggest FIRST event of the year: The championship!

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Our marketing team will be there from Wednesday through Saturday this week to document the action — you can follow us on Twitter for real time news this week. We were honored to step up as official program sponsors and additionally supporting three Bay Area high school robotics teams: California High in San Ramon, Middle College High in San Pablo and Heritage High in Brentwood.

Students across the country have spent months perfecting their robots for this week. Only a select number of teams actually made it to the national event, where the competition's bound to be fierce — but all kinds of fun. It's been such a pleasure to learn their stories and share online with you!


The event, which inventor Dean Kamen founded in the early 1990s, is hailed as the ultimate sport for the mind. It's a way to challenge kids to solve problems, invent an actual working robot, develop gracious professionalism, learn how to become leaders, independent thinkers and team players. That's why we've been behind the movement for many years. It's why we donate some of our products, our time and our attention to the players involved.

This week's activities include the FIRST Robotics Competition Championships, the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship and the FIRST Lego League World Festival in addition to the Junior FIRST Lego League World Festival Expo.

THE CHALLENGE Since it's #MotionMonday, we're turning this preview of what's to come into a fun game. You read for this? Just [ click here ] to download the word search. The first five to win get a free BWC mug! Just email Jenn at All the best!