Thursday, April 26, 2012

Application Featurette: Vascular Grafting in Motion with Linear Actuators

CHALLENGE Vascular grafting is a surgical procedure in which a transplanted or prosthetic artery is placed to treat and prevent blood clots. It saves countless lives every day, and it relies on the best linear motion technology available. One of our customers had the challenge of how to build a linear motion setup that could wind vascular grafting material within very exact specifications — precision was key because the material has to last and function after surgery.

APPLICATION The linear actuator guides a tape dispenser around a rotating mandrel to form a precisely measured tube. That tube then gets moved to an oven to bake on the mandrel and harden before it's removed.

SOLUTION Our [ DLS driven linear system ], [ GV3 linear guides ] and [ MCS aluminum profiles ] met the demanding needs of this difficult application. Smooth motion with high precision capabilities are vital for properly stretching and winding the grafting material. The DLS unit, about 1.5 meters long, fit well because of its high-precision ground slides and smooth double-row angular contact bearings. The GV3 parts add motion adjustment to each mandrel to make sure they're uniform. The MCS made up the frame, to make the whole system easier to assemble.

COMPLETE SYSTEMS It's fascinating to see how our customers mix together our product lines to form a custom system — goes to show that the linear and curvilinear motion technologies we offer are building blocks for whatever the design engineer has in mind. Tools that put your creative imagination in motion! An added bonus, in this case, is that the application actually advances medical technology and makes lives better for people all around the world.

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