Thursday, November 10, 2011

Application Spotlight: Lights, Camera, Action!

Our products are simplistic, but their application usage is complex with imagination. To give you a glimpse of the possibilities, we like to periodically feature some of those uses here on our blog. Hopefully you will be inspired to share your own creative application stories with us!

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: Videographers who need to capture smooth, steady shots often use mechanically guided remote-controlled cameras. You'll find a similar set-up in theaters, where stage lights and props coast along ceiling-mounted guides.

That's where the HepcoMotion GV3 fits the (play)bill! This highly accurate, low-friction linear slide absorbs vibration — perfect for filming precision footage in an intense scene or aiming a spotlight center stage just as your main character reveals a climatic truth to the audience.

We've got an FAQ section on our site dedicated to just this particular line of linear guidance and transmission system components [ Click here to read all about GV3 ]

So, next time you nab a backstage pass somewhere, turn your gaze upward — you may spot a smooth-sliding GV3 overhead. That's the power of linear motion done well!

While browsing the 'net, we found this video clip about an entire museum in Israel dedicated to the history of stage lighting. Apparently during the Renaissance period stage hands would place candles behind tinted glass to create colored lighting. From torches and candles to fancy sliders, linear guides and mechanical rigging, this art has come a long way!

Pretty cool, right? End scene.