Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Solve the Curvilinear Crossword to Win!

Can you solve the crossword in time? This game is based on the article titled “What to Do When Your Motion System Throws You a Curve” which was featured on the front cover of the June 2011 edition of Design World. The first five people to send a completed crossword to will win a Bishop-Wisecarver hat!

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To complete the crossword, refer to the curvilinear article in Design World on pg. 50 in the magazine or view the digital copy at Good luck!

Monday, June 27, 2011

What To Do When Your Motion System Throws You a Curve

Did you see us on the cover of Design World this month? Check us out!

"What to Do When Your Motion System Throws You a Curve" by Mechanical Design Engineer Leslie Lui was a featured story in the popular magazine's June edition.

Read all about ring and track systems on the market, traditional curvilinear solutions available today, and how ring and track systems stack up > "Guide wheel based ring and track systems are more compact and offer better positioning accuracy and more options for cargo carrying positions than alternative conveyor systems for curvilinear applications."

You can read the story on page 50 in the magazine, or you can view the digital copy [ here ]

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Material Handling: Flexible Product Demands Flexible Handling

Challenge: A good deal of ingenuity was needed to design a handling and assembly system for 9.84 foot long washing machine hosing. The system designer and builder had to provide the necessary operational flexibility needed by this application right up to the packaging station, requiring a complete integrated package that was cost effective in design and build time.

Application Description:
The plant occupies an area of 1076 square feet and consists of several sections. After being fed into the system and cut to the required length, the hose is sorted into two sizes and transported to an assembly station to be fitted with a threaded tube connector. It then travels into one of four press stations and eight pressure testing stations and finally into packing.

Installing the HepcoMotion DTS linear track system at the heart of the assembly was the ideal choice for this application. With a profile width of 1.73 inches and 24.1 inches diameter segments, the overall feed length of the DTS is 68.89 ft. It is equipped with a total of 36 fixed center carriages, each having two hose-gripper devices and an oval track with an integral belt drive. Carriages are positioned at equal pitches along the track and can be re-set at irregular intervals to ensure the precise control of the hose feed. Using the HepcoMotion PRT Ring Slides and Track System as its basis, DTS is a complete unit ready to be incorporated into any continuously positioning or dedicated assembly machine.

Friday, June 10, 2011

UTCSK Camera Slider Kit, Linear Guide Wheel Technology

Designed for small to medium lightweight digital SLR cameras and lenses, UTCSK comes in two standard lengths of aluminum track (choose either 1000 mm and 1500 mm). For easy tripod mounting to the track, the slider comes with ¼-20” threads located at the center and both ends. The anodized aluminum wheel plate with linear guide wheels includes a ¼-20” camera thumb screw to be used with or without a ball head mount. For camera safety and peace of mind, two adjustable end stop blocks with nylon screws are also included.

Originally created for our very own in-house video production staff, this useful camera slider application is a dynamic tool for other B2B professionals alike.

Brian Burke, Project Engineer for Bishop-Wisecarver: “The UtiliTrak product line has been successful in diverse industrial applications as linear guides due to the smooth, and precise rolling characteristics of the guide wheels. Our creative in-house video production staff requested a camera slider for producing impressive dynamic shots to incorporate into product demonstration videos. We realized that this useful application would be valuable to other B2B professionals as a cost-effective solution to their own in-house video productions.”

Learn more at *Leave us your feedback! We'd love to hear what you have to say about the camera slider. More videos to come!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

X-Y-Z Linear Guide Gantry System

Check out our latest YouTube upload on PDU2M and PSD80 working together as one. This XYZ linear guide gantry system is a simple, cost-effective solution with minimum engineering.