Friday, June 10, 2011

UTCSK Camera Slider Kit, Linear Guide Wheel Technology

Designed for small to medium lightweight digital SLR cameras and lenses, UTCSK comes in two standard lengths of aluminum track (choose either 1000 mm and 1500 mm). For easy tripod mounting to the track, the slider comes with ¼-20” threads located at the center and both ends. The anodized aluminum wheel plate with linear guide wheels includes a ¼-20” camera thumb screw to be used with or without a ball head mount. For camera safety and peace of mind, two adjustable end stop blocks with nylon screws are also included.

Originally created for our very own in-house video production staff, this useful camera slider application is a dynamic tool for other B2B professionals alike.

Brian Burke, Project Engineer for Bishop-Wisecarver: “The UtiliTrak product line has been successful in diverse industrial applications as linear guides due to the smooth, and precise rolling characteristics of the guide wheels. Our creative in-house video production staff requested a camera slider for producing impressive dynamic shots to incorporate into product demonstration videos. We realized that this useful application would be valuable to other B2B professionals as a cost-effective solution to their own in-house video productions.”

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