Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Light Duty Aluminum Rings: Cost Effective Rotary Motion

You read that right! These rings weigh up to 54% less then steel rings of comparable size -- ideal for light duty applications. ALR aluminum rings by HepcoMotion® are well suited for design challenges that require a cost-effective rotary movement system with medium precision. Made from anodized aluminum, ALR rings are corrosion resistant and suitable for non-magnetic environments.

“Economical aluminum ALR rings enable the designer or machine builder to implement rotary motion solutions on cost sensitive projects.”
Brian Burke, Project Engineer

Available in four standard sizes from 148mm to 300mm in diameter, rings are compatible with size-2 DualVee® guide wheels (a polymer outer form molded onto a stainless steel bearing and stud).

“ALR rings provide several benefits including low inertial mass, reduced weight, and inherent corrosion resistance.” Burke

Need something a little more customized? Other forms of these aluminum rings can be supplied (different diameters and thicknesses, internal vee edge, gearcut rings and timing pulleys). These items can be made upon request.

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