Monday, February 28, 2011

Drilling of Slots in Vinyl Fencing Using a Chain Driven Actuated Linear Guide

Why did this company use a chain driven LoPro linear guide for their vinyl fence production machine? Fast delivery, superior contamination protection, repeatability and long length availability -- learn more about why LoPro® met the challenge and even exceeded the customer's expectations.

• Customer's request for one-week delivery was crucial
• Performance at a reasonable cost
• Linear bearings able to withstand vinyl chip contamination
• Match a required repeatability of +/- .010"
• Travel length requirement of 14 feet

Application Description: Vinyl fencing (which does not require scraping or repainting) is pre-cut to length and pre-slotted so fence components can be strapped together quickly and easily, and placed in the ground or on decks. LoPro is used to push vinyl fence components into a drill press that creates slots so that the consumer can assemble the components into a fence/railing. With a servomotor attached, LoPro provides precise positioning of multiple slots on a single vinyl part.

• Bishop-Wisecarver production committed to a one week delivery
• Wiper wheel carriage as an option on the LoPro provided superior contaminate protection
• The LoPro chain’s standard +/- .008" repeatability exceeded the customer’s expectations
• 14 feet of travel was no problem

Products Used: Chain Driven LoPro Linear Guide

Check out this video demonstrating how the chain driven LoPro linear guide can handle tough conditions, from metal shavings to wood chips.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Polarization Measurement Equipment for Testing LCD Screens

Extremely challenging problem leads to a very successful custom solution:
Why did this manufacturer of polarization testing equipment for LCD screens choose linear and rotary motion technologies from Bishop-Wisecarver? Find out how this challenge was solved.

Challenge: Axometrics Inc. manufactures polarization measurement equipment which tests LCD polarization to maximize the manufacturing process. With the recent explosion of larger LCD panels being used in the monitor and television industries, a method to measure different size LCD panels faster and more efficiently was required by Axometrics’ customers. The challenge was to figure out how to rotate and position the AxoScan™ SpectroPolarimeter and still maintain the required distance between the transmitter and receiver so that they could accurately measure and compare against the LCD manufacturer’s specifications for different size screens.

Application Description: AxoScan™ SpectroPolarimeter is a fixed device which scans LCD screens that, prior to the redesign, were manually positioned between the transmitter and receiver. It measures the complete polarization properties of samples from 450 to 800 nm in under five seconds with 10 measurements per second.

Solution: Axometrics chose the Precision Ring and Track (PRT) to provide their rotational requirements. The solution was to use two internal gear ring segments with carriages mounted as mirror images of each other, separated by a space to allow the LCD panel to move between the transmitter, mounted on one carriage/ring segment, and the receiver, mounted to the other carriage/ring segment. The carriage/track system allows a 70º move in either direction with a minimum move increment of 0.05º and a repeatability of 0.05º, and a maximum velocity of 40º / sec. The two heads maintain an alignment of + / - 0.2mm over 165.1mm.

To accurately position the LCD panels between the scanners, Bishop-Wisecarver’s LoPro was chosen for the linear axes. Since design specifications required a LCD panel up to 60 inches diagonally be moved at a maximum velocity of 1000 mm/sec with a repeatability of 0.1 mm (0.004”), the X horizontal axis was supplied with two carriages to provide a larger moment capacity. The additional carriage plate increased the travel length of the X axis to 2,204.8 mm. To support the X axis and its load, a larger size LoPro was used for the Y-Y’ vertical axes.

Additional custom solutions were used to complete this application including carriage adapter brackets, an aluminum torque tube, and a motor adapter bracket.

Products Used:
• HepcoMotion PRT
• LoPro® Size 2, Belt Driven - X Axis
• LoPro® Size 3, Belt Driven - Y-Y’ Axes

Like a copy of this customer application story? Get the [ PDF ]

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

From Automotive to Aircrafts, Paint Removal with DualVee®

Why did this company choose to update their existing paint removal application system with our LoPro® actuated linear guide systems? Customization, high load capabilities and reduced maintenance -- see how this challenge was solved.

An existing paint removal application that used environmentally harsh chemicals needed to be updated and replaced with a system that would cut maintenance time and improve performance.

Application Description: Automated plastic media blasting systems are used to remove paint and other coatings on projects that vary from small automotive components to aircraft components. The level of complexity of plastic media blasting ranges from manual blast rooms to fully automated robotic systems, which reduce man-hour requirements, provide better working conditions, and improve consistency.

Solution: Bishop-Wisecarver created a customized LoPro linear guide system which enabled the customer to meet higher load requirements and reduce periodic maintenance. The new configuration also decreased labor requirements by two-thirds.

Products Used: A Customized LoPro Linear Guidance System, including X-Axis custom carriage assemblies.
• Eight (8) size 4XL DualVee guide wheels
• Steel wheel plates versus aluminum
• Load capacities of each carriage exceed 7,500 lbs. Z-Axis carriage assemblies:
• Special chain couplers with a leaf chain drive mechanism
• A solid steel idler sheave and high capacity roller bearings mounted on a steel housing structure
• Lift capacities of the Z-Axis system exceed 5,000 lbs.

Available in screw, belt, and chain driven configurations, LoPro is a modular design eliminating the cumbersome effort associated with component integration. Get the [ PDF ]

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Get your pencils, or pens, ready and let's see how well you do with our latest game. Since last month's word search was so popular, we've created a crossword on LoPro linear actuators -- time to put your knowledge to the test!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Long Length Actuated Linear Guide with 24 Foot Travel

Challenge: A tractor trailer manufacturer needed an actuator to pick and place large wall panels. Panels are large and relatively heavy, and the unit required a 24 foot travel. A contaminant concern was heavy factory dust.

Application Description: A LoPro® linear actuator is used to take panels off of a stack and place them in line in front of a rivet press which joins the panels together. The unit cycles once every 30 seconds, a minimum of one shift, but often two shifts a day.

Solution: The LoPro actuator offers a solution which works very well in the dusty, dirty environment, and does so with very little maintenance. It is also uniquely qualified to handle long travel lengths, and the customer has placed subsequent orders for exactly that reason.

Product Used: Size 4 LoPro, belt drive