Thursday, February 17, 2011

Long Length Actuated Linear Guide with 24 Foot Travel

Challenge: A tractor trailer manufacturer needed an actuator to pick and place large wall panels. Panels are large and relatively heavy, and the unit required a 24 foot travel. A contaminant concern was heavy factory dust.

Application Description: A LoPro® linear actuator is used to take panels off of a stack and place them in line in front of a rivet press which joins the panels together. The unit cycles once every 30 seconds, a minimum of one shift, but often two shifts a day.

Solution: The LoPro actuator offers a solution which works very well in the dusty, dirty environment, and does so with very little maintenance. It is also uniquely qualified to handle long travel lengths, and the customer has placed subsequent orders for exactly that reason.

Product Used: Size 4 LoPro, belt drive