Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Imaginations in Motion with PRT2

The wide range of options and sizes now available from the PRT2 product line can get your imagination spinning! What's the buzz all about? We recently released a press release that can be viewed here, but I'd like to share a breakdown of the key features:

  • A choice of 13 double edged rings & segments up to 1.5m in diameter, allow more design options as standard
  • Brand new range of standard single edged ring slides & segments - internal and external V options available
  • All ring sizes are offered in stainless steel as standard and are precision ground all over
  • New True Shape Rings offer improvement to the amount of roundness and dishing
  • Precision ground, stainless steel ring discs for turntable applications; large mounting surface is easily customized
  • Five bearing sizes to choose from - twin bearings for smooth running and tolerance of misalignment, double row bearings for higher load capacities (load increase in some cases up to 400%) and tolerance of debris
  • Floating bearings with caged needle rollers provide axial movement of the V position - particularly useful when 2 rings or track systems are mounted in parallel
  • New range of single edge track systems and more sizes of double edge track systems offer an almost limitless variety of open or closed circuits
  • Improved fixed center carriage - solid plate, no keyway, thicker section, greater rigidity
  • Carriage clamping brake system for manual positioning applications (for fixed center carriages only)
  • Moment load carriage systems provide extra support and rigidity for high downward or offset loads - static or dynamic versions available
  • Bleed lubrication for track systems continuously pipes lubrication through holes, direct into the V contact faces
The PRT2 system by HepcoMotion, exclusively offered by Bishop-Wisecarver, adds several clever options that allow innovative and highly reliable technical solutions to be engineered -- the possibilities are only limited to your imagination! This rotary motion solution can  be utilized in virtually any industry such as medical, aerospace and defense, packaging, solar, printing and so much more. Check out a video customer application example on our [ YouTube ] channel!

[ View ] the digital catalog, or download a PDF copy >