Friday, November 5, 2010

Application Story: Welding Inside Boilers with DualVee®

Long Life, Durability & Ease of Maintenance Helped DualVee Edge Out the Competition
The Challenge?
• Welding heads’ need to be easily removed for servicing    
• Load requirements: approximately 150 pounds    
• Speed requirements: approximately .250" per second    

An extremely harsh environment with contamination from alloy steel weld splatter. Oxidized scale and no lubrication allowed in chamber. Customer needed to replace obsoleted CAM follower design.    

The Application Description: Design and build special machines for use in refurbishing boilers in power generation, chemical, pulp and paper mills. Machines are placed inside large boilers which lay down rows of weld bead onto the boiler wall, building up the wall thickness. They are various applications for rack and gear driven weld torches with wire feeders.    

The Solution?    

DualVee wheels allowed for quick removal and will last much longer than CAM follower design. Bishop-Wisecarver’s stainless steel version was used for enhanced corrosion resistance.    

Products Used:
With mating track - W2, W2SSX (stainless steel) and W3SSX (stainless steel). Produced in six sizes, DualVee guide wheels are stocked in both 52100 bearing steel and 440C stainless steel, providing the versatility that special equipment builders often need.

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