Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Announcing the 2010 Creative DualVee® Contest Winner

Pittsburg, CA - - June 30, 2010 - - Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation, manufacturer of the original DualVee guide wheel and industry leader in guided motion technology, announced congratulations today to Suad Bajric of Mississauga, Canada for winning the 2010 Creative DualVee Application Video Contest. In celebration of the company’s 60th anniversary, Bishop-Wisecarver was looking to discover and award the most creative mechanical application designed using DualVee linear guide wheels.

The online video contest was launched April 5, 2010 on YouTube as a kickoff to the anniversary festivities. Participants created and submitted a 60 second video demonstrating their application and how DualVee had been utilized. On June 15th, the contest closed and all videos submitted were reviewed by a panel of judges.

Bajric has won a four day trip for two to California where he and his wife will have a chance to meet with the Bishop-Wisecarver team.

“For 60 years Bishop-Wisecarver has been fostering the imagination of our customers to come up with unique and creative mechanical solutions,” said Pamela Kan, president of Bishop-Wisecarver.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

3D Ice Sculpting Made Easy with Actuated Linear Guide

Challenge: An innovative culinary arts company needed to take their global ice carving business to the next level. So they developed an upright CNC ice carving system that shapes both sides of large ice blocks and turns them into 3-D sculptures. They wanted to have the flexibility of being able to create these sculptures either in an environmentally controlled freezer or at outside events during the winter.

Solution: In their search they found Bishop-Wisecarver’s DualVee® new cold temperature stainless steel wheels and stainless steel track to guide the sculpting mechanism. They chose the DualVee wheels because of their ability to sweep away particulates such as ice chips and their ability to handle the extremely low operating temperatures. Once the components of the system were perfected, the Bishop-Wisecarver LoPro® low profile belt driven linear actuator with cold temperature stainless steel wheels and track was designed into the application. The LoPro moves the sculpting mechanism side-to-side as the carving bit cuts through the ice creating world class designs.

Bishop-Wisecarver’s driven LoPro modular belt system featuring the new DualVee low temperature guide wheels is the perfect solution for this extreme environment application. The low temperature wheel is designed to primarily meet the extreme low temperature demands of refrigeration, cold storage, and sub-zero climate applications. Available in sizes 1 through 4 from stock, the wheels feature type 440C stainless steel balls and races and type 304 stainless steel retainers infused with a special lubricant formulated to withstand service temperatures from -94°F to 230°F (-70°C to 110°C).

Products Used:
DualVee Low Temp Guide Wheels and Stainless Steel Track
LoPro® Belt Driven Linear Actuator

These guide wheels are ideal for low temp refrigeration!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Diablo Valley College Engineering Summer Camp 2010

Bud Wisecarver, American Toolmaker and founder of Bishop-Wisecarver, spoke with students this afternoon at a high school summer camp at Diablo Valley College. The five day program focused on engineering, manufacturing and construction. Today, teenagers met with companies and colleges for advice and guidance on pursuing a career in these industries.

New Custom LoPro® Linear Actuator Video Demo

LoPro linear actuators by Bishop-Wisecarver - a sleek, compact design with low noise, low vibration, flexibility, simplicity and long stroke lengths.

In this video, the actuator has windows machined in the top and bottom of each end, allowing large amounts of debris to fall through.

The guide consists of a track plate assembly and wheel plate assembly. Each wheel plate contains four DualVee® wheels, a proven technology for harsh environments.

Learn more about LoPro online at

Thursday, June 17, 2010

DUALVEE® Harsh Environment Video Demo [NEW]

Whether it's grease, metal chips, liquid, extreme temperatures or even sawdust, DualVee guide wheels can handle harsh environments. In this video, we put our wheel to the test! See for yourself how DualVee handles these harsh environments. These v groove guide wheels consist of both an external and internal 90 degree v angle, and are made with 440C stainless steel balls and races. The v bearing guide wheel is made w/ a double row angular contact bearing for excellent load capability and long life. Other options include seals and shields to meet specific application needs. Customer specific lubricants can also be used upon request.

Monday, June 14, 2010

High Temperature V Bearing Guide Wheels

PROBLEM: Premature bearing and system failure due to galling, spalling or brinelling of the rolling contact surfaces when exposed to extreme heat environments.

SOLUTION: Bishop-Wisecarver’s high temperature all stainless steel Dualvee® guide wheels. Internally lubricated with a special grease that is specifically designed to withstand extreme heat, guide wheels can accommodate up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit operating environments in hot processing equipment such as baking, welding, plasma cutters and autoclaves. Geometrically identical to our ORIGINAL DualVee wheels, this specialty wheel offers long life, unsurpassed reliability, and increased uptime in the harshest environments.

Wheels with customer-supplied or specified lubricants can usually be delivered within 3 weeks. Standard AISI 1045 carbon and 420 stainless steel track with plating options complements the high temperature wheel offering.

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Blowing in the Wind!

New flag up outside at our headquarters in California.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Smooth & Precise Actuation | High Capacity

The latest HepcoMotion® Profile Screw Driven Linear Actuator called PSD80 is a cost effective Z axis solution for lighter load applications -- a compact, single or multi-axis unit built on an aluminum beam. Carriage plates handle loads to 500N and speeds to 1m/s. Lead screws available in right or left handed threads and pitches of 4, 15, 25 and 70mm. Open or closed formats available, as well as corrosion resistant and double acting versions. Get the catalog on our website, or by clicking here >>

The new HepcoMotion® PDU2M is a high capacity profile belt driven unit that incorporates a carriage containing four extra rollers on each side -- speeds up to 6m/s and high load capacity to 750N. PDU2M offers increased moment load capacity and stiffness suitable for multi-axis systems and demanding single-axis application. Get the catalog on our website, or by clicking here >>

Used together, these units create an X-Y-Z application. Being able to combine these unique linear actuators allows the user to configure a simple cost effective x-y-z system with minimal engineering as all the components and connection brackets are standard.

Created by HepcoMotion and exclusively offered by Bishop-Wisecarver.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Belt, Chain, Lead Screw and Ball Screw Actuators

Linear Actuation: From low load or heavy duty to fast or slow speeds, our wide variety of belt, chain, lead screw and ball screw actuators covers all applications when a stand alone unit is needed. These corrosion-resistant versions are ideal for a variety of application needs in many different industries from food and beverage to medical and laboratory.

Discover the true potential of your tough application challenge through our custom linear motion designs and unique styles. Talk to an application engineer today.

o Various Sizes and Gantry Systems
o From Light to Heavy Duty Loads
o Precision Positioning
o Sealed and Double Acting Belts

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Have You Entered? The 2010 Creative DualVee Video Contest

The deadline for video entries is just around the corner. June 15th is the last day to submit a video entry of your innovative use of DualVee for the 2010 Creative DualVee Video Contest.

Our challenge has been featured on many video contest websites, engineering newsletters and online communities. Check out, or get all the great details right on our website! Don't wait much longer because your creativity may have won you a trip for two to California //

Driven Linear Systems: As Simple or Sophisticated as You Need

HepcoMotion’s DLS product line exclusively offered by Bishop-Wisecarver offers a belt driven actuation with a wide variety of drive options as simple or sophisticated as you need.

The DLS is great for pick and place applications whether it be for light, medium or heavy duty applications. Drive options include gear motors, stepper motors, servo motors, speed controllers, planetary gearboxes, worm gearboxes, electric brakes, and torque limiters.

An additional option includes a cantilever axis which acts as the ideal low inertia vertical axis -- a great choice for many single-axis duties as well as the Y or Z axis for multi-axis applications.

The DLS beam includes T slots for fast and simple mounting of sensors and switches including assembly brackets. To complete machine framing around the DLS unit, MCS profile aluminum framing can be used.

Get the DLS catalog from our website // Learn more online at

A CAD download with detailed drawings of the DLS range is available online.

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