Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Smooth & Precise Actuation | High Capacity

The latest HepcoMotion® Profile Screw Driven Linear Actuator called PSD80 is a cost effective Z axis solution for lighter load applications -- a compact, single or multi-axis unit built on an aluminum beam. Carriage plates handle loads to 500N and speeds to 1m/s. Lead screws available in right or left handed threads and pitches of 4, 15, 25 and 70mm. Open or closed formats available, as well as corrosion resistant and double acting versions. Get the catalog on our website, or by clicking here >>

The new HepcoMotion® PDU2M is a high capacity profile belt driven unit that incorporates a carriage containing four extra rollers on each side -- speeds up to 6m/s and high load capacity to 750N. PDU2M offers increased moment load capacity and stiffness suitable for multi-axis systems and demanding single-axis application. Get the catalog on our website, or by clicking here >>

Used together, these units create an X-Y-Z application. Being able to combine these unique linear actuators allows the user to configure a simple cost effective x-y-z system with minimal engineering as all the components and connection brackets are standard.

Created by HepcoMotion and exclusively offered by Bishop-Wisecarver.