Monday, April 19, 2010

ECRM Moves Toward Smoother Motion with DualVee® Package

Challenge: ECRM Imaging Systems felt they needed to enhance their linear drive package and improve on performance, reliability, and at the same time offer a new solution to an existing design. The application runs in a clean environment. The slide may be exposed to dust, but for the most part it is protected by the machine’s cover.

Application Description: The “News Matic” demands a 35” or 890mm travel length. The carriage is side mounted on 2 parallel Size 3 tracks supported by Size 3 wheels. Speeds are relatively low with 120 cycles per day transporting a 15 lb. load. The main function of this linear assembly is to transport a plate and register it against registration pins accurately in order to transfer a print image directly on the plate. Then it will reposition this plate and address the next.

Solution: To help reduce component cost without jeopardizing the carriage integrity and accuracy DualVee Size 3 wheels are used in this application, 2 concentric on the top rail and 1 eccentric on the bottom rail. The diversity of Bishop-Wisecarver’s component offering allowed for a belt driven arrangement along with ECRM’s own special carriage plate design. A competitor’s shafts and bearings were used in the past, but ECRM chose DualVee for its smoothness, quietness, low friction, number of component reduction, and ease of installation benefits.

Products Used:
- DualVee Track
o T3 x 900 mm
- DualVee Wheels
o W1 wheel assembly
o W1X wheel assembly

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