Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Are You a Welder? 7 Reasons to Team with Bishop-Wisecarver

1. We invented guide wheel technology. Nobody knows it like we do.
• Since the creation of our DualVee® guide wheel technology more than 40 years ago, Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation has pioneered v groove guide wheel based linear actuators and linear motion systems. Whether it is for linear, rotary, or curved track applications, our tough yet cost effective linear actuators and other guided linear motion systems provide performance advantages unmatched by other antifriction guide technologies.

2. Self-cleaning action of vee design is ideal for dirty and high temperature environments.
• Whether it is grease, metal chips or weld spatter, the self cleaning action rolls through and sweeps debris from the track. Designed to excel in dirty and high temperature environments, the wheel’s inner vee diameter travels at a slower rate than the outer vee diameter, resulting in a velocity gradient that rolls through and sweeps aside any debris that has settled on the track.

3. Low friction equals smoother oscillation.
• The guide wheels feature a constant radius ball bearing path, which minimizes vibration and results in smoother oscillation while dragging and pushing the weld puddle. The high surface finish and induction heat treating of the stainless and carbon steel components ensure a long lasting system.

4. Fast delivery – components from stock, complete actuated linear guide systems < 2 weeks.
• It’s just that simple. We are committed to serving your motion needs in a timely manner.

5. Our design support, 3D CAD, and FEA tools save you time and money.
• Our world-class engineering team is made up of resourceful, knowledgeable individuals with cutting edge tools that will best assist them in creating innovative, long-lasting solutions for even your most difficult linear motion challenges.

6. We’re an extension of your team from concept to completion.
• For more than 60 years, we have been problem solving our customers' most demanding application challenges. Starting as a custom machine fabricator and growing into the leading manufacturer that Bishop-Wisecarver is today, we possess the engineering and manufacturing experience to help tackle even the most difficult challenges from start to finish -- we walk every step of the way with you to design a product that meets the exact needs of a specific application.

7. Freedom to realize your engineering potential and design outside-the-box.
• Guided linear and rotary motion systems and linear actuators from Bishop-Wisecarver are limited only by your imagination. With the assistance of our creative, experienced application engineers, the possibilities are endless.

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