Wednesday, January 6, 2010

HepcoMotion Custom HDLS 24' Long, Offered by Bishop-Wisecarver

In this video, the 24' long system has a gear box mounted to one end. The travel length is 14.83'

Find more info about HDLS systems at Bishop-Wisecarver [com]

HDLS utilizes heavy duty slides and actuates them by AT series belt. Narrow and wide unit versions are available. The narrow unit is taller than the wide unit making it stiffer. The wide unit is better suited for applications with high moment loads. Both the narrow unit and the wide unit feature left, right, and dual output shafts. Gear boxes may be supplied directly coupled to units along with optional AC motors and brakes. Extended output shafts on gear boxes are also possible to drive two systems in parallel. Optional shock absorbers and rubber buffers are available for HDLS systems.