Thursday, January 7, 2010

Elevated Temperatures & Harsh Environments? No Problem!

Find out how this challenge was solved by using a LoPro Linear Actuator System from Bishop-Wisecarver -- these systems can be ordered non-actuated or actuated using a belt, roller chain, ball screw or lead screw >>

Challenge: The Plasma Cutter operates in a very harsh environment consisting of smoke, abrasive dust, weld splatter, hot sparks and elevated temperatures.

Application Description : This machine operates in the Manufacturing / Production industry on a factory floor. The CNC Plasma Cutter produces shapes, or parts, from metal plates of various thicknesses.

Solution: The CNC Plasma Cutter was constructed using ball screw driven LoPro® systems to handle the required positional accuracy. The y-axis and the torch head are mounted to LoPro wiper wheel plates. The selected components can handle the harsh environment and elevated temperatures.

Products Used:
• Three (3) size 4 LoPro ball screw driven systems with wiper wheel plates, steel beam mounted. Working envelope is 26.5" x 45.75" and can accommodate standard 4' x 8' material.
• Custom drive ends were fabricated into the machine frame.
• Expandable/Collapsible bellows covers were purchased to help reduce environmental contamination on the lead screw and track surfaces.
• Machine operates inside a fabricated fume hood.

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