Wednesday, December 16, 2009

“Tagged” by DualVee® Technology

Why did The Hillman Group choose Bishop-Wisecarver’s DualVee Guide Wheels for their application? Because DualVee was more cost effective compared to other rail technology, and allowed for better customization -- find out how this challenge was solved >>

Challenge: The increasing population of pets and the need for secure property identification inspired The Hillman Group, a hardware industry supplier of fasteners, key and key accessories, letters, numbers and signs, and numerous specialty and point-of-purchase items, to design a personal and pet identification tag engraving machine. Hillman was looking for a linear motion based system that could smoothly guide the engraving head as it moves back and forth, engraving the metal tag. The harsh metal chip environment, space and money constraints, and ease of integration were key factors when it came to choosing the right technology for this application.

Application Description: Mainly found in pet stores, the state-of-the-art QuickTag™ is a computer-driven, stand-alone machine that engraves personal identification and pet I.D. tags in less than two minutes. The customer first chooses a tag style and text from a video touch screen above the engraver and then watches it being made through an observation window. A blank metal tag is dispensed into a designated slot depending upon its size and shape. The engraving head automatically positions itself above the tag and engraves the information typed in from the touch screen.

Solution: DualVee® wheels, track and bushings were chosen to help guide and position the engraving head as it moves back and forth over the metal tags. DualVee allowed the application design to be more custom and compact due to its seamless integration and easy configuration into the machine. It also proved to be more cost effective compared to other rail technology. DualVee’s smooth motion and ability to wipe flying metal chips away from the track were important features that allowed the application to produce quality engraved tags.

Products Used: Size 2 DualVee guide wheels, track and bushings

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