Friday, December 7, 2012

Top Five Twitter Posts: Linear Guides, Infographics for Engineers and Immortal Jellyfish

A product launch, a manufacturing renaissance, new breakthroughs in science and innovative perspectives on the state of our economy — those and other topics blipped across our radar this week. Just to capture some of that conversation, we've summed some of the most notable tweets here. Become part of the conversation, or suggest nominations for our next Twitter Friday installment, by tweeting us at @BWCnews. Happy holidays!

1. Download a Free QuickTrak® Linear Guide Catalog on We recently announced the launch of our latest product, a linear guide called QuickTrak. It's a line of modular cut-to-length and simple-to-build parts. And now, you can download the product catalog from our website! 
2. Infographics for Engineers on Throughout the year, we've steadily built up our collection of infographics geared for the engineering crowd. These are useful visuals that lay out information in an easy-to-digest printable poster formats. Our latest one explores the much-talked-about manufacturing renaissance. Click through to download, print and hang a copy at your workspace!

3. Jellyfish Might Prove Immortality a Possibility via Discover News: If you picked up a copy of the Sunday New York Times this week, you may have read the feature on how a scientist in Japan is exploring a specific type of reverse-jellyfish that may hold the secret of everlasting life. How much of the story's optimism toward the study is merited? Here's a science writer's interesting take on the phenomenon.

4. The Insourcing Boom in The Atlantic: Here's another story that got our Twitter friends yapping — one about the ever-growing trend of bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. from China. Is outsourcing an outdated business model? You tell us.

5. Is a Manufacturing Revival a National Security Necessity? on Manufacturing Executive Blog: People talk about having to build up a national manufacturing policy because the industry is so vital to the health of the economy as it generates jobs and acts even as a bellwether to the broader health of the nation. A report issued recently further underscores the importance of manufacturing by arguing that it's vital to national security and helps minimize damage in event of natural disaster — or at the very least speeds up recovery. Click through to read the blog and download the report.