Thursday, June 14, 2012

Watch, Read, Listen, Do: Robot Spiders, Underground Condos and Manufacturing Webinars

As inventors of linear and rotary guide motion technologies, we keep our finger on the pulse of scientific and technological news, views and breakthroughs every day — we get to be a part of some amazing projects! This post includes some notable multimedia posts, from podcasts to news stories and TV episodes. Got a suggestion for next week's post? Let us know and we may just include it in our next post!

[ WATCH ] Ever wanted to experience what it is like to be a spider? Members of the United States Special Forces will now be able to find out. Students from Utah State University have created a battery-powered vacuum that is able to suction its user’s hands and feet to large walls. Watch this video to see how it works!

[ READ ] It is incredible what an engineer turned entrepreneur can create. A former software engineer named Larry Hall is planning to complete construction on luxury condos that rest 174 feet underground within the next few years! These condos double as bunkers and are intended to protect those who wish to prepare for any future global crises. Read this article to explore Hall’s innovative idea and to learn more about the cool features that will be included in the building.

[ LISTEN ] Remember earlier in the month when Venus passed across the sun and it became a worldwide trending topic? Here's a cool podcast in which a well-known science writer analyzes and explains the phenomenon.

[ DO ] We found a whole library of manufacturing-related webinars on the Manufacturing Institute website, and it's a good collection, with topics ranging from management to how to improve production and implement lean manufacturing.