Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Internships Bring Awareness to Various Careers in Manufacturing

Part of what prepares you for a career comes from what you learn outside the classroom. Internships provide you with an opportunity to connect text book learning to real-world applications, giving you a competitive advantage in the workforce as you build a stronger network and develop your marketable talent. Here at Bishop-Wisecarver Group (BWG), we value STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) initiatives and believe interns not only learn from the experts we employ but they help to teach us more about ourselves through their own unique perspectives.

Osiel Mendoza, a second year student at the University of Oregon had the opportunity to be a part of the Bishop-Wisecarver family as an intern for the marketing team. His 6 week tenure went quickly, but the knowledge he gained was prominent.

Read about Osiel’s BWG internship experience:

“While I reflect back on my experience now and remember how busy the marketing team kept me, I can truly say that I have learned an extraordinary amount of valuable things that I never thought I was capable of learning before. This was all due in part to the wonderful marketing team for always teaching me something new every day and for making it clear as to how each and every little mechanism was important to be successful in a marketing position.

I learned about various areas of marketing from social media marketing to digital and content marketing.  Here are some of my favorite and most valuable things that I learned throughout this internship: how to utilize social media to engage with the manufacturing community, how to use a marketing automation tool to create forms and landing pages to communicate with prospective customers, and how to film and edit a video to inform customers about what new things are going on in the  company.  I became knowledgeable about the power that an infographic can provide to the general public or a target audience, the importance of STEM education in America, and most importantly, how to successfully work in a team environment to reach a goal.

In addition to this, it was so interesting to actually go out on the factory floor and learn how a manufacturing business works on a daily basis and to see linear motion in action. 

Throughout this internship I learned so many new skills that I know will benefit my future education and career. I can apply all of my developed marketing skills and strategies to my marketing career after college. I can also apply the more general skills, such as working together as a team and having great work ethic, to so many different aspects of my life. I loved the fact that I was given the freedom to explore and develop my creativeness. I was asked to come up with infographic and giveaway ideas for upcoming tradeshows and for the 2015 FIRST Robotics competition. I also had a chance to edit a video for the Bishop-Wisecarver ALS Challenge.  It was very valuable for me to have the chance to come up with my own ideas and expand my creativity as a whole. 

Bishop-Wisecarver does a great job of creating a successful company culture. Although my time was short, everyone made me feel like I was an invaluable addition to the team. Seeing how a small business like Bishop-Wisecarver thrives in its workplace with everyone driven towards success is really inspiring. Hard work goes a long way and I’m lucky to have worked with such hardworking people. It has motivated me to work hard towards my goals and reach my dream job. So thank you so much to everyone at Bishop-Wisecarver for making my first internship an unforgettable one.”

What has been your memorable internship experience? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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