Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Roll" With the Punches: Choosing the Right Protection for Your Challenging Environments

Whether it be wood dust, metal shavings, or water; the type of guide wheel bearing protection is determined in the environment it will be used in. Check out these four environmental scenarios and Bishop-Wisecarver’s recommended guide wheel bearing solution.

Environment Scenario #1: 
Heavy Concentrations of Liquid or Fine/Powdery Particles  
Solution: Sealed Guide Wheel

Environments with heavy concentrations of liquid or fine/powdery particles can disturb and/or change the properties of the guide wheel bearing lubricant, causing premature wear and failure of the
bearing balls and raceways. Using a sealed bearing for this operating environment can prevent damage to the bearing elements, ensuring the predicted lifespan of the system.

Environment Scenario #2: 
Heavy Concentrations of Large Particles
Solution: Shield Guide Wheel

Generally, shielded bearings are used in environments with heavy concentrations of large particles, such as metal flakes, that can work their way between the balls and bearing raceways. The larger debris can cause premature wear and damage such as brinelling (permanent indentation of a hard surface) or spalling (breakage into smaller piece).

Environment Scenario #3: 
Heavy Concentrations of Both Small and Large Particles  
Solution: Sealed and Shielded Guide Wheel

Bearings that feature shields and seals combine the advantages of both sealed and shielded wheels. The shield protects the seal from damage by large particulates, while the seal protects the bearing elements from thefine particulates and liquid that the shield is less effective against.

Environment Scenario #4: Washdown
Solution: Washdown Wheel

The washdown bearing includes a patented inner seal and outer shield design. The design of the outer shield allows it to act as a momentary seal when forced to undergo pressure from high velocity fluid such as washdown spray. The pressure causes the shield to deflect and conform to the wheel’s metallic surface. When the pressure is removed, the shield returns to its normal position, allowing liquid and debris that entered between the shield and seal  to drain out or be spun out by centrifugal force when the wheel rotates.

Ensure your guide wheel bearing lifespan by choosing the correct protection for your harsh environments.Watch Bishop-Wisecarver's Video about how tough DualVee guide wheel bearings handle all types of elements.

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