Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Application Feature: Motorized Two Axis Gantry Vacuum System

Bishop-Wisecarver Group Engineering Team (left to right): 
Azhar Khaderi, Garrett Diulio, Ben Domingo, Naasik Akkas


A company in the Food & Beverage Industry needed to add a vacuum tray cleaner to an existing piece of equipment for their post-production cleaning process. This vacuum tray cleaner needed to integrate with the customer’s operations software and meet physical constraints.


In this application, a motorized linear actuator needed to move a vacuum cleaner up and down, left to right, to remove any residue left on the tray.


Bishop-Wisecarver Group (BWG) subsidiary, WRW Engineering, designed and built a motorized, X-Z gantry system along with the electrical interface to be installed in the customer’s existing equipment.  When the interface sensed that the tray was moved into the “clean” position the Z axis actuator lowered the vacuum system down to tray level.  The vacuum was activated and the X axis actuator moved the vacuum across the surface of the tray to be cleaned.  Once the tray was cleaned, the vacuum was raised back to the ready position and the tray returned into the production sequence.


With the help of our WRWengineering team’s  expertise, they were able to design and build a custom motorized gantry system that consisted of  two axes. They used multiple Bishop-Wisecarver product lines, LoPro and DLS actuators as a solution.


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