Friday, May 31, 2013

Top Five Twitter Posts: How Tool-Making Is Pivotal in Innovation, 3D Printers Gracing the Hands of Kid Inventors, and More!

We are rolling quickly through 2013 – nearly halfway into the year – and we are still keen on all things motion-related and that which pertains to innovation inspired by 3D printing, space travel, founding father Bud Wisecarver, and engineering! Beyond linear and rotary motion solutions, we explore NASA milestones, innovators in the news, Design World nominations, and engineering lingo. The conversation doesn’t stop here, though, so feel free to join us at
@BWCnews for additionally engaging updates!

1. Revisiting the Art of Toolmaking: Toolmakers Matter, But Why? In this video Q&A, Bud Wisecarver explains to us the significance of toolmaking, illuminating his nuts-and-bolts, hands on approach to work: getting the job done. Getting past the ideas and concepts behind manufacturing and design, Bud couldn’t have been more on target: true creation is about doing, making, and fabricating, not about merely about thinking. “It doesn’t matter how many philosophers you have, how many great engineers you have – if you don’t have a toolmaker, you don’t have anything.”

2. On May 29, 1999 the NASA Discovery made the first docking to the International Space Station The NASA Discovery launched two days prior in 1999 and successfully docked later for the first time at the International Space Station. Not only was it was the second longest space walk ever recorded at the time, also, 3.8 million miles were traveled in 9 days, 19 hours, 13 minutes, and 57 seconds. At  approximately 16,000 mph speeds, that is some amazingly quick motion! 
3. A Boy and His 3D Printer: Additive Manufacturing – It’s Not Just for Adults! Believe it or not, Andrew Man-Hudspith is an inventive 11 year old who successfully convinced his family to purchase a 3D printer. Man-Hudspith took the initiative of creating a PowerPoint presentation which discussed the reasons why they should acquire a 3D printer. You can tune into this quick documentary to find out more about this young innovator!

4. Bishop-Wisecarver Nominated for Design World’s Leadership in Engineering Award in the Motion Control Category Bishop-Wisecarver has been nominated for Design World’s Leadership in Engineering Award once again! Last year we were fortunate enough to place first in the Motion Control category! Whether or not history will repeat itself, we are fortunate and honored to be considered by Design World!

5.  What do the terms “Yaw”, “Pitch”, and “Roll” Mean, Anyway? 
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