Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Linear Actuators and Rotary Guides on SlideShare

Check out our latest uploads on the Bishop-Wisecarver Group SlideShare channel. We recently posted a three part series on our latest product release. Learn more about our seamless rotary guide design and other great information in our new, easy-to-use slideshow.


  1. TelcoMotion’s electrical actuators are designed to provide solutions for a wide variety of industries. We can provide either ball screws or acme screws in a variety of configurations. They can be driven by a motor with gearing in a parallel arrangement or they can be internal to the motor (Linear actuator motor or lead screw motor either as a stepper or BLDC motor). They are designed to meet customers needs for load, speed and precision and are used in medical, commercial and industrial applications.

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  2. Transforms rotary movement into linear motion.
    Input by 24V or 12V DC motor or 3 phase or single phase AC motor.
    Three types of gear reduction units namely worm gear (MLA) spur /helical gear (MLG) and Planetary gear (MLP)
    Push rod Zn-Ni or chrome plated.
    Protection tube anodised.
    7 Models in Worm Gear version from 1.2 kN to 50 kN thrust.
    4 Models in spur / helical gear version from 0.8 kN to 3 Kn thrust.
    3 Models in Planetary gear version from 0.7 to 1 kN Thrust.
    Various front attachments.
    Various stroke Limiting devices, Limit switches, Reed Switches, Proximity Switches.
    Housing is made of alloy aluminum for light weight.
    Worm shaft case carburised & harded with ground Thread profile.
    Lifting screw medium carbon steel, hardened and Tempered.
    Push rod seamlers steel tube Zn-Ni plated.
    Protection tube seamless steel tube, anodised.
    Nut Aluminium bronze.
    Spur / helical gears medium carbon Cr-Mo steel, Hardened and tempered.

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  3. Gears & Gear Drives is an established innovator of actuator custom solutions and product offerings that include screw jack suppliers, linear actuator manufacturer, Worm Gear Screw Jacks, Worm Gear Screw Jack, bevel Gear Screw Jack, Motorised Linear Actuator. Gears & Gear Drives are specialised in Worm Gear Screw Jacks. Our unique strength is derived from decades of experience for various applications. We design & manufacture Screw jacks of wide varities and both in Metric & Imperial Foot prints.

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