Friday, November 16, 2012

Top Five Twitter Posts: High-Tech High School Diplomas, Space Junk Trackers and Zombies

From space junk orbiting the Earth to zombies that walk it, it's been a week of motion without limits for this manufacturer of linear slides and rotary guides. We're fascinated with almost everything related to science, engineering, technology, math and more, so follow us on Twitter to learn more about the news we share and the exciting stories making headlines all around the world. Have a great weekend!

1. NASA's 3D-Printing Rocket Parts Might Boost Larger Manufacturing Trend on Modern Science: NASA's working on its first heavy-lift booster rocket since Saturn 5, the one launched in 1967 to jet astronauts to the moon. The under-development Space Launch System will not only make history in the annals of American spaceflight, it could also become a bellwether for a specific technology that could boost U.S. manufacturing, according to this article. Click through to find out what technology they're talking about.

2. New High School Diplomas Promote High-Tech Industries via Press Connect: A New York senator came up with a plan to create high school diplomas for upstate students who focus on high-tech and manufacturing-related studies. The article says that "goal is to increase high school graduation rates and connect New Yorker’s with jobs in manufacturing, nanotechnology and biosciences by training them to fill positions in the emerging fields." Makes sense to us!

3. U.S. Military Enlists Amateurs to Track Space Junk via Mashable: Think of it as a "far-out neighborhood watch," says this news brief about a new program the military rolled out that asks the public to help pinpoint space junk floating around out there. It's a project the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency calls SpaceView. Interesting news considering the topic of crowdsourcing has been on our minds lately, too.

4. Zombies, Twitter and Braaiiins: the Neuroscience of 'The Walking Dead' via Fast Company: A bunch of volunteers got hooked up to brain scanners while watching AMC's popular zombie apocalypse show The Walking Dead so researchers could understand a little more about why the show's fans react the way they do on social media and which scenes spark the most neural activity. No, the story says, AMC did not sponsor this study.

5. Free Guided Motion Technology User Manuals on Did you know there's a library of information about our guided motion technologies available online for you to download for free? From white papers and user manuals to FAQ features and catalogs, we've got a lot to share. Couldn't find what you're looking for? Use the "Ask Us" page or call in directly to speak with an applications engineer one-on-one.