Friday, September 28, 2012

BWC Celebrates 62 Years in Manufacturing

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sixty-two years ago today, Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation was born. It came from a partnership between toolmaker/engineer/inventor Bud Wisecarver and bread tray salesman Ray Bishop. How did they meet?

Well ... Bud had put himself out of a job by improving efficiency at a Bay Area blinds and drapery manufacturer. He spent three years modernizing operations at Levelor, which doubled productivity, increased the linear footage produced and got the plant running 24 hours a day with the same number of workers who previously ran it for six. Bud did such a good job that he wasn't needed there anymore. So he began manufacturing screw machine parts through his first company, W.R. Wisecarver and Company.

Credit: @bishopwisecarver // Instagram
Bud's screw parts manufacturing reeled in a new client: Ray Bishop. Ray asked for help making a screw that would better secure bread trays during transport. Bud's invented solution was a locking bar later marketed "for the American trucker," to quote the fliers, as the Saf-T-Sta cargo holder, which you can see in a vintage ad to the right along with one for another truck accessory called the Thrif-T-Lok load bar. On a roll, Bud invented more delivery truck accessories for Ray, including a specialized bread tray known as the Flo-Carri.

The two worked on obtaining a patent for Saf-T-Sta, which they received in 1962. Five years later, Ray and Bud merged companies, naming the new one what it's called today: Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation.

ENGINEERING THE FUTURE Over the next several decades, Bud continued creating novel solutions to engineering challenges, eventually creating our signature DualVee® Motion Technology and a long list of product lines based off that double-row angular contact bearing design. Bud still works at the facility, even into his 80s now, except he's decided to take Fridays off. Like he always says, "If you do what you love then you'll never work a day in your life."

Today, as we celebrate 62 years in manufacturing, we look ahead as much as we acknowledge the work we've already done in building up our California company into a global provider of guided motion technologies. As we make our way into the future as technology continues to increase exponentially, we're always thinking of how to adapt ourselves. We're thinking of how to continue our strong tradition of innovation, invention and out-of-the-box thinking. So with that, let's celebrate this Friday and this birthday with thoughts of future progress ... maybe traditionally you're not supposed to share birthday wishes, but this one's too good to keep to ourselves!

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Credit: @bishopwisecarver // Instagram