Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Woodworking Wonders at IWF Atlanta 2012: Watch, Read, Listen, Do

With the International Woodworking Fair fast approaching, an event at which we will be showcasing our DualVee Motion Technology and the recently launched MadeWell Radial Wheel at booth #4412, there have been some fascinating inventions and techniques making headlines that have piqued our interest!

From cars made out of plywood to a list of woodworking experts you can interact with on Twitter during the IWF event, this edition of "Watch, Read, Listen, Do" will immerse you in the wonderful world of woodworking and all things related. For live event coverage next week, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn — don't forget to chat us up during the event. We're excited to hear from you!
Credit: Woodworking Network

[ WATCH ] Many strides are being made in the area of green technology and this new invention made out of plywood is no exception. An electric car made of plywood? Yes, and it can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. Watch this video to learn more about this fantastic use of wood!

[ READ ] Continuing on in the 'Green' theme, two major companies that serve the woodworking industry are distributing bamboo that is intended to be used for interior design purposes. According to the companies partnering together to make bamboo a household staple, the wood is not only environmentally friendly, but provides advantages in the area of mechanics.Who knows? Maybe after reading this article you will want to turn your house into a bamboo-covered paradise. Perhaps now you'll need a linear guide to move that bamboo door panel you can't live without?

[ LISTEN ] Are you a woodworking expert or just a person with an inquiring mind eager to learn more about woodworking and the techniques those in the industry employ to make the process more efficient? If so, you will definitely find this podcast informative and potentially groundbreaking. The session points out five woodworking techniques that are not commonly applied by woodworkers, such as how to add tapers using a jointer and how to turn a spindle with a route.

[ DO ] With IWF coming up, we encourage everyone going or just interested in the event and the industry to check out all the hashtag activity on Twitter and the people tweeting (use #IWFATLANTA). We hope that by following the chatter, you will learn everything there is to know about woodworking and the innovations that are driving the industry forward.

— Eleanor Huddart, Marketing Intern