Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Watch, Read, Listen, Do: IWF and the Return of American Manufacturing

This week we're exhibiting at the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, Georgia, to showcase our DualVee Motion Technology that enables its users to work in debris-filled environments without clogging. So, of course it is only fitting that we continue on in the theme of the last few weeks and share even more cool woodworking finds. In addition, there has also been another topic that has caught our attention this week through our interactions on Twitter, namely the return of manufacturing to the USA. Read this week's "Watch, Read, Listen, Do" to learn a little more about the woodworking industry and domestic manufacturing.

[ WATCH ] Are you a woodworking novice? Well, if you are this is the perfect video for you to watch! It will teach you the tools you will need and the set up you will have to carry out to be on your way to becoming an expert woodworker. Watch the video and you will be building log cabins and cabinets in no time!

[ READ ] You all know we are exhibiting at IWF this week, so if you are in the area or just want to learn more about why we are there and which technologies and products we will be showcasing, read this week's #MotionMonday blog.

[ LISTEN ] Now moving on to our manufacturing theme, this podcast discusses the past, present and future of American manufacturing and the major issues that both threaten and support it. Very informative!

[ DO ] Visit our booth (#4412) if you are in the Atlanta area and/or connect with us on Twitter and Facebook to look at fantastic pictures of the trade show booths, the products we are displaying at IWF and more! Don't miss out on all the excitement!

— Eleanor Huddart, Marketing Intern