Friday, August 24, 2012

Sawdust Cologne, Laser Edgebanding and Our Favorite Videos: Top Five Tweets From the IWF Atlanta Show

Happy Friday, everyone! It's the penultimate day of IWF Atlanta and we have already garnered a lot of interest and excitement from our creative booth and product displays. We've also joined in on some great twitter fun with those exhibiting at the show ... in fact, this week's favorite twitter posts will feature tweets from notable companies exhibiting at IWF. The twitter posts include video demonstrations and pictures of innovative new products. Get it on all the IWF action and connect with us on Twitter. There's only one day left to join in on the dialogue, and don't forget to stop by our booth if you're at the show. We've got all kinds of linear slides and rotary guides on display.

1. Mini Jet 1000k via SATAUSA: This extremely cool new innovation from SATA, unveiled at IWF this week, is captured on video. SATA is a leading manufacturer of spray guns and compressed air heaters. Its new spray gun is foruse on small manufacturing parts as well as motorhomes, marine applications and cabinets. Take a look at the video to learn more!

2. Favorite IWF Videos via Clever Storage US: This manufacturer of kitchen storage units has compiled a list of its favorite IWF video demonstrations. From CNC shark accessories to the making of a giant wooden Yoda head, these videos will make your day. Thank you, Clever Storage, for sharing them on twitter!

Credit: Demeter Fragrance
3. Sawdust and Bamboo Perfume! via Demeter Fragrance Library: Unbelievable! Demeter Fragrance Library, a fragrance company selling multitudes of different scents from popcorn to dirt to chocolate chip cookie, showcased its sawdust and bamboo-scented perfume at IWF. For all you woodworkers out there who want to re-live your best woodworking memories, order these scents and spray every time you are feeling nostalgic!

4. Laser Edgebanding via Rehau Furniture: This video details how Rehau Furniture, a provider of surface and systems solutions to furniture, has created adhesive-free banding for furniture that results in an invisible joint . Take a look at the video to learn more about LaserEdge technology.

5. Timber Products Blog via Timber Products: Timber products, a manufacturer of environmentally friendly hardwood plywood, shared a blog featuring its new innovation... prefinished panels. This innovation from the wood product manufacturer will increase woodworking efficiency and quality. Read the blog to learn why.

Eleanor Huddart, Marketing Intern