Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Watch, Read, Listen, Do: Higgs Boson, Robot Contests and a Wooden Rollercoaster

We know last week was a busy one for everyone, what with barbeques and firework displays. However, we managed to find some great articles, videos and podcasts that detail some pretty interesting events and discoveries that you may have missed last week due to Fourth of July celebrations. Enjoy catching up on some exciting news from your linear slides, guides and rotary motion components manufacturer!

[ WATCH ] Here’s a good video detailing the major features and effects of the newly discovered Higgs Boson particle. It is a great watch for those of us who don’t have PHDs in science and appreciate explanations that include cool animations! Enjoy!

[ READ ] A great article detailing how states and schools can improve STEM initiatives to make science, technology, engineering and manufacturing more appealing to kids. Robot competitions and Science Fairs were suggested … exciting stuff!

[ LISTEN ] London is attempting to host the most environmentally friendly olympics to date. Listen to this podcast to learn more about this exciting initiative.

[ DO ] Ever wondered what kind of magical things occur in the town of Santa Claus, Indiana? Well, a fantastic new wooden roller coaster called the Voyage in Holiday World theme park is going to make every kid and adult who rides this thrilling coaster feel like it’s Christmas Day. This extremely fast wooden coaster travels up to speeds of 70 mph. If you've got your wits about you, give this engineering marvel a try!

Blog by Bishop-Wisecarver intern Eleanor Huddart