Monday, June 4, 2012

Motion Monday: Radial Wheels, Our Newest Product

READY, SET, LAUNCH! Today's a big day for us here at Bishop-Wisecarver — we just welcomed the newest addition to the MadeWell product line, the Radial Wheel®, a vee-edge linear bearing was designed to support applications with specified radial loading conditions.

These radial wheels are all about simplicity, about streamlining the purpose of a component and making it more economical at the same time. When a machine supports the center of a moving mass closer to the heart of the guide wheel, the load weight is mostly radial. There's basically no need for much of an axial load capacity. So, to buy a wheel with equal axial and radial load capacities in cases like that would be wasteful. 

A MORE SPECIFIC PURPOSE That narrower focus of this brand of linear bearing makes it an ideal solution for the design engineer who knows the purpose of the application is primarily to move a radial payload, like say for a heavy duty door, sliding wall panel or museum display. The possibilities are unlimited and we're eager to see what uses people come up with for our newest offering.

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES What industries will you find the MadeWell Radial Wheel? That's really an open-ended question. But customers from a variety of industries we already work with have expressed a need for a linear guide wheel like this. Below is a sampling of industries that benefit from this type of wheel:
  • Industrial machinery manufacturing
  • Machine shops
  • Metalworking manufacturing
  • Engineering services
  • Computer and electronic part manufacturing
  • Motor vehicle manufacturing
  • Medical equipment and supplies manufacturing
  • Navigational, measuring, electro-medical and control instruments manufacturing

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