Friday, May 25, 2012

Top 10 Twitter Posts — Week 22: A Tiny Life-Saving Heart, Sunset on Mars and a Robot President

You ready for a nice, restful Memorial Day weekend? Before you pack up, check out some of the highlights of our week on Twitter — from the informative to the silly, the entertaining to the educational. We love hearing what you have to say, and sharing right back with you the things that capture our flighty attention spans. Read for more? Follow us at @BWCnews!

Credit: RSA Animate
1. The Power of Networks via YouTube: The latest upload on one of our favorite YouTube channels, RSA Animate, discusses the power of of visualizing your network to help navigate our increasingly interconnected modern world. Watch it. See why we rave so much about this channel.

2. Vote Us a Leader in Engineering on Design World: The 2012 Leadership in Engineering Awards are underway — an annual contest organized by our friends at Design World that gives people a chance to rate their peers in a variety of engineering categories. Click through to cast your vote. We appreciate your support!

3. Tiny Artificial Heart Saves Baby's Life on Yahoo! News: Absolutely amazing. Just the other day, an Italian surgeon implanted a tiny titanium heart into a baby's chest. Incredible, the progress we've made since the first-ever heart transplant in 1967, when the patient survived but died later from complications.

4. Get Ready for the First Robot President on NPR: No, they're not talking about an actual robotic Commander-in-Chief. The reference is more to the point that the next United States president will usher in an era of unprecedented growth in the robotics industry. What do you think? Maybe we WILL elect an actual robot president ...

5. Sunset on Mars is Out of This World on The Sun: NASA just released breathtaking photos the Mars rover "Opportunity" snapped about a month ago. Better late than never to appreciate this otherworldly view. Awesome.

Credit: PR&D
6. The Golden Gate Bridge — Still an Amazing Engineering Feat 75 Years Later via Product Design & Development Magazine: We didn't realize until seeing news of it in PD&D that the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge construction is this year. The bridge, which lies a hop, skip and a jump away from the Bishop-Wisecarver headquarters, remains one of the most remarkably engineered suspension bridges in the world. We're proud it's part of our Bay Area home.

7. Did You Know We're Hiring? on Yup, another job ad posted! This time, we're looking for a SQL/Database Admin/Developer to add to our IT department. Amazing how quick we're growing!

8. Laser-Cut Animatronics Robot Comes to Maker Faire on We attended the Bay Area Maker Faire last weekend to see with our own eyes all the brilliant inventions West Coast DIY'ers had to offer. This robots stands as a good example of the kinds of things that held out attention at the massive event last weekend. Maker Faires, by the way, happen all over the world. Check their website to see when the next one's scheduled in your area!

9. FIRST Championship Video Recap on We uploaded a video recap of our trip to see the FRC, FTC, FLL and FLL Jr. Champion ship in St. Louis, Missouri to our other video channel on Vimeo. Good to look back and see the excitement of the event. Great memories.

10. Six Ways to Lure Talented Engineers to Your Start-Up on Looking for new talent on your engineering team? Don't recruit from bigger competitors. That's the first bit of advice from this columnist, a CEO of a tech company, who's writing about the best ways to attract new talent to your operation. Good advice here. How do you recruit new engineers?