Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Is That a Bishop-Wisecarver Coffee Mug? YES!

How cool is that? So we totally geeked out when we saw our Twitter friend Kirk Edwards, from EXAIR Corporation, tweet us a picture of him enjoying one of our BWC coffee mugs. Thanks for the share, Kirk, and for keeping in touch!

How did he score that awesome ceramic cup? Every Monday we post a puzzle here on the blog — sometimes a jigsaw, sometimes a word search — that we call our #MotionMonday Challenge. Quite a few of our readers solve these bit-sized bits of fun on a weekly basis, and we've immensely enjoyed the back and forth banter. People email us constantly with their completed puzzle for a chance to win one of the prizes we offer like t-shirts, mugs, other Bishop-Wisecarver swag. Check out this week's post!