Monday, April 16, 2012

Motion Monday: That's a Cool Linear Guide Monitor Stand

Let us set the scene ... our creative team is sitting around a big table, discussing a little of this and a lot of that about trade show booths when the time comes for us to decide on a monitor stand. We review some basic options but nothing fits our fancy for fun. 

The specs we had to work with? Shiny metal, moving parts, adjustable heights, storage for electronics... wait! Why don't we just build the best linear guide monitor stand anyone has seen? That aha moment had us all excited about doing something different — a new way to prop up a monitor at a trade show!

After a few conversations with the marketing team and some brainstorming with our company president Pamela Kan, we let our idea loose with a team of engineers. What did they create? We are now the proud marketing team of a low-profile linear slide monitor stand. We showed it off at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening trade show in southern California earlier this year, and we had a great time talking about it with show goers. People even contributed some fun ideas for future linear guide stands!

[ LoPro is our line of linear actuators based on DualVee Motion Technnology ] ...and they're smooth, quiet and come in all kinds of custom lengths and options. The specs for this application were simple, though — we just needed a few feet of the chain-driven variety. According to one of our project engineers, Brian Burke, a LoPro unit of this kind was well-suited for this application because it's a product that's easy to customize.

"LoPro is ideal for integration into custom motion solutions such as this monitor stand," Burke explained. "This LoPro is a modified chain-driven version with no output shaft on the drive end and an internal counterweight on the chain to balance the weight of the monitor and all support equipment. We also designed a customized chain coupler with extended length to accommodate the spring-loaded pin stop for locking the vertical position of the carriage." Total awesomeness! Simple but sophisticated.

LoPro provides a great foundation for so many applications, he said, and makes for a very sturdy, very durable monitor stand. "LoPro is a versatile platform to base your application specific customizations," Burke said. 

OK, now it's time to see what you're made of! We made a word search puzzle based on the words included in this article. Give it another quick read to prep for this week's #MotionMonday challenge. Need an answer key? Email us at Best of luck, friends!

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