Friday, March 30, 2012

Top 10 Twitter Posts — Week 13

April is just days away, the Mega Millions jackpot has folks all abuzz on Twitter and the world of science news lit up with headlines about amazing new robotics technologies and key research finds — we're there to sift through the thrum of real-time news as it happens. Stay on top of the conversation at @BWCnews!

Credit: LA Times
1. Mega Millions Jackpot Reaches Record High on LA Times: Doesn't it blow your mind? The Lottery winnings this week have soared up past the half-billion-dollar mark. Folks who normally aren't the gambling type are buying in just to be part of the excitement. Can't wait to find out who the winners will be!

2. Army Wants Flapping Wings to Fly Drones of the Future on Wired Mag: Military drones that fly like a bird? According to Wired Magazine's blog The Danger Room, the military wants to look into this so-called "flapping wing" technology as part of their 2013 research.

3. Chocolate-Covered Creme Eggs With ... Beer?! on FastCo Design: We saw this video about the questionable variation on the Easter favorite, the Cadbury Creme Egg. Ummmm ... not sure about the weird flavor combo — would you try it?

4. Coffee Makes High-Achievers Slack Off on We don't want to read bad news about caffeine! But one study actually suggests that stimulants like coffee actually have a detrimental effect on people already wired to overwork themselves. For the lazier among us, it's actually more useful, the study found.

5. The Page Turner on YouTube: We're big DIY geeks over here, so we constantly check out Maker Magazine for cool new projects, updates and news items. This little video clip caught our eye — it's a page-turning contraption that's all for show, really. And probably the most elaborate way to turn a page — ever.

Credit: Daily Mail UK
6. A Stairlift for Obese Pets on Well if you wanted a visual show of American excess, here's a good one. It's a stairlift, not for the disabled or elderly, but for your pet. Spoiled much?

7. Ray Kurzweil's Speech at SXSW on The renowned inventor and thinker spoke at SXSW recently to espouse the gospel of the coming Singularity, when humans and robots will merge seamlessly with one another. It's an interesting conversation and this Q&A sums up the gist of his message at the conference. Food for thought?

8. Watch Live Eagles Hatching on Yahoo News: Did you know it takes 24 hours to two days for a little egret to hatch? Now you can see for yourself thanks to this video that circulated the twittersphere earlier this week. Cute!

9. Engineers Draw Robotic Inspiration From Bugs via the Bishop-Wisecarver Daily: More military research that made headlines this week — engineers modeled some reconnaissance robots after some creepy crawly bugs. How? Click through to find out.

10. Why Tesla Motor is Bidding on the Model S via Fast Company: The car company has a lot riding on its about-to-hit-the-market SUV, which this article says will run consumers somewhere around $50,000.

Credit: Fast Company