Monday, March 12, 2012

Top 10 Twitter Posts — Week 10, Our Better-Late-Than-Never Edition

Solar flares, Kony 2012, manufacturing history and all kinds of news flickered across our Twitter feed last week. Here's our takeaway of the more memorable headlines, pictures, videos and thoughts in case you missed out on the conversation. Make sure you're a part of it this coming week! Just follow us at @BWCnews and tweet back!

Credit: NASA
1. A Space Weather App for Your Smart Phone on When last week's massive solar flares made headlines, it sparked a lot of folks' interest in the weather outside our own atmosphere. Well, NASA blasted out a friendly reminder that you can get all the latest space weather info sent to your iPhone or Android. Neat, isn't it?

2. From College Business Plan to Successful Company on Yahoo News: Sometimes it takes a while to grow up, learn the ways of the world and come into your own as an adult. Or, you can hit the ground running. This story's about a guy who did the latter. This college student won some cash in an entrepreneurship contest and instead of blowing it all, used it to start his own company. Today, the company's super successful. Read the article to find out how it turned out that way.

3. Underwater Robots Create Comprehensive Map of Titanic Wreck on Washington Post: Researchers have put together what the experts call the first-ever exhaustive map of the infamous 1912 Titanic wreck. The underwater robots deployed by this research team took somewhere around 100,000 photos of the shipwreck — incredible!

Credit: Digital Manufacturing Report
4. History-Rich Museum or Self-Marketing Apple Store on the Bishop-Wisecarver Daily: A column in the Washington Post makes the case for American manufacturing by asking that Congress OK funding to create a National Museum of Arts and Industry. Because American ingenuity pre-date "shiny Apple iProducts," the article states.

5. Parrot AR.Drone Joins with Epson Moverio BT-100 on Some tech prodigy merged some quadricopter with some 3D video game lenses (the Parrot AR.Drone and Epson Moverio, respectively) to create a super cool flying surveillance thingamajig. Neat!

6. How the Kony 2012 Video Went Viral via the New York Times: Regardless of whether you support the controversial nonprofit that put this video out, it's interesting to see it go viral in all of 24 hours. The NYT devoted an article in today's issue on the 30-minute documentary's viral popularity asking how exactly it achieved that. Interesting study in social media, if anything.

Credit: Business Insider
7. Top 10 Manufactured Products in the U.S. Export Industry via Business Insider: Any guess on what the nation's top exports are in its $2 trillion export industry? Well, to name a few: Electrical equipment, fabricated metal and machinery. Click through to see the other seven.

8. Check Us Out in Design World via TwitPic: Don't hate us for the blatant self-promotion, but seriously check out our glossy ad on page 55 of Design World's February issue. Sleek, isn't it?

9. Believe It — Harvard is Cheaper Than Cal State on You read that right! Recent fee hikes in California's public college system and private schools' penchant for being more generous with financial aid evens out to schools like Harvard and Stanford actually being more affordable to middle-income families, according to this study. It's pretty shocking when a school system once lauded for being democratic is pricing out most of the population from pursuing a higher education.

10. Starbucks to Launch Single-Serve Coffee Maker on Ad Age: Hey java-nuts, ready for your shot of coffee news? Sounds like the mega-corporate purveyor of fine coffee is ready to roll out a fancy new single-cup coffee maker. Another way to enjoy a shot of your gourmet bitter brew. Cheers to that!

Credit: The Street