Friday, February 24, 2012

Our Weekly List of Top 10 Twitter Posts — Week 8

We chitchat all week on Twitter, discussing things from the silly to the scientific. Whatever catches our eye, basically, and hopefully what captures your attention. Keep up with the buzz by following us @BWCnews. Happy Friday, tweeps!

Credit:  Venture Beat
1. Cyborg Anthropologist Brings People, Computers Closer Together on Venture Beat News: Ever heard of a cyborg anthropologist? Yeah, neither had we. Apparently, it's a budding field that examines the connection between humans and computers. And some people are turning this into a career. Read the article to find out how.

2. New Family of Amphibians Discovered via The Bishop-Wisecarver Daily: Scientists recently found a new family of amphibians that don't look like frogs... more like big ol' earth worms. Creepy! But also fascinating because they're part of a rare 180 species of legless amphibians. Ick. Checked it out again and, yup, that picture still makes us squirm!

3. Faulty GPS May Have Detected 'Faster-Than-Light' Neutrinos in Discover Magazine: Remember when those CERN scientists said they detected neutrinos that whizzed by faster than light itself? Well, unconfirmed rumors suggest that may have been because of a faulty GPS receiver. We'll see how this plays out. But yup, that's the latest!

Credit: Gentlemint
4. Tactical Beer Mug w/Scope Mounts on The toughest-looking beer mug around? We may very well have found it right here on the "Pinterest for men" that is It's a metal beer stein with scope mounts and AR-15-style handles — can't get much fiercer than that!

5. Reinvent Event Marketing for Higher ROI on A lot of us spend a fortune on trade shows to put our names out there and interact with potential customers. It's a pricey investment, and we only do it because it pays off. But how do you maximize your returns at trade shows? Here's a handy e-book that shares some tips about how to get the most out of the time and money spent at one of these events.

6. Driverless Cars are Sneaking up on You on CNN Money: Everyone from Wired to the network news agencies are buzzing about driver-free cars this week. More and more, it's looking like this will become a common trend in transportation. And it's less scary than it sounds, the experts say. Robots are safer drivers. But it could have a tough time gaining traction just because we value our own autonomy behind the wheel. Would you let a robot chauffeur you to work?

Credit: AOL Jobs
7. Does Undercover Boss Shelly Sun Have Bright Star Power? on AOL News: We read this business profile because the subject, Shelly, is a WPO pal of Bishop-Wisecarver President Pamela Kan (the Women Presidents' Organization, Mt. Diablo Chapter). The story details Shelly's path to success as founder of a care-giving company. Very inspiring!

8. Five Ground-Breaking Competitions for Innovative Youth on There's a lot of support out there for young people trying to get into the science, technology, engineering and math fields since there's a shortage of talent there. Part of that support comes in the form of competitions like the ones we've linked to here — contests that encourage people to submit innovative STEM-related ideas. We're so excited about this. Encourage young people in your life to check 'em out and give it a shot! Who knows what ideas they'll come up with!

9. Driving with Your ... Tongue? on Product Design & Development: We talked about robots getting behind the wheel, but now this?! Yup, it's a mechanism that allows you to steer with your tongue. Only this isn't for a car, it's for a power wheelchair. This could obviously change lives for wheelchair-bound people everywhere. The closes thing to this technology so far include a chin control, finger control, analog, touch pad and a breath-controlled type that folks call "sip 'n puff." It's not the type of motion technology we deal in, but it's cool to see other people advance the idea of "motion without limits!"

10. DNA Robots Could Kill Cancer Cells on Researchers have been talking about nanobots as a weapon against cancer for years, but recent breakthroughs have brought that vision closer than ever to reality. There's the art of DNA origami, as they call it, whereby nanobots use a similar structure to cells in your immune system to target receptors on the cell wall. That's when it delivers an antibody payload. It's a revolutionary concept, really, and worth reading about since it's likely to become more commonplace in cancer treatment and research!