Thursday, January 5, 2012

Q&A with David Ray, Regional Sales Manager

Get to know Bishop-Wisecarver's Regional Sales Manager, David Ray!

David works hands on with our sales reps located in the West Coast region of the United States, a chunk of the country that spans from California to Colorado to Alaska and Hawaii. He recently took time from his busy schedule to share a little about himself. To reach him directly about all things linear motion, zap him a note via

Question: Tell us a about your background, your education, how long you’ve been with Bishop-Wisecarver and what you like most about being on the BWC team.
Answer: I joined Bishop-Wisecarver in 2007. I have spent most of my career in mechanical and electrical motion control.  I have an MBA from Pepperdine University and a BS in Marketing from Bowling Green State University.  I like the BWC team for its family atmosphere, the overall group effort and the management’s forward-thinking mindset.

Question: What do you like about sales?
Answer: Every day brings new challenges — never the same thing. Also, I like going for the “win."

Question: What do you enjoy most about working with engineers?
Answer: I learn something new all the time because each engineer has a different expertise.  It’s always fascinating to learn their thought process and how they go about finding a solution.

Question: What challenges arise from selling a product based on features and benefits?
Answer: It’s not about price, it’s about value.  Sell your product based on its quality, longevity, consistency and benefits to the customer.  The overall value truly matters.

Question: What makes for a good selling relationship with a customer?
Answer: We are both in this together.  A good relationship is about understanding their company, their thought process and their goals.  Helping the customer get where they need to be is how you become a good team player.

Question: If sales were a team sport, what would it be and why?
Answer: I'd say basketball.  For sales to be successful, we must all work together to score.

Question: Speaking of sports, what’s your favorite team or teams?
Answer: Football? San Francisco 49ers. Basketball? LA Lakers. Baseball? LA Angels

Question: What do you like to do outside work?
Answer: Play guitar and piano, bike and hike, and chase after our 16-year-old son.

Question: What’s your favorite coffee beverage? Cream, no cream, sugar, no sugar?
Answer: Black — the only way to drink coffee.

Question: Favorite quote?
Answer: My favorite quote is... “All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

Check back soon for our next Q&A session! From engineers to sales representatives, our skilled team of experts have you covered for all things related to linear guides, slides and rotary motion systems. View our other questionnaires!

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