Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Weekly List of Top 10 Twitter Posts — Week 3

Twitter exploded with strong opinions, arguments and protests over a proposed anti-piracy law that could potentially censor the internet. We followed the conversation all week, tweeting about it, linking to interesting news articles and discussions about SOPA — the Stop Online Piracy Act. But that's not all that caught our eye during the hubbub of this week's heated national discourse. Every Friday we give some of those re-tweetable Twitter gems a second go in the spotlight, and we've summed up the best for you right here. Enjoy! And talk to us this week @BWCnews.

Credit: Made in USA News
1. Dismantling Detroit on the Bishop-Wisecarver Daily: Two filmmakers head to the falling-apart birthplace of America's middle class to talk to the scrappers, people dismantling the once-industrial hub. The recession-bludgeoned City of Detroit is often considered a bellwether for where the rest of the country is headed, which piqued the movie-makers' interest in the place. This short film will precede a feature-length op-documentary titled Detropia that's set to release in the next year or so. Riveting.

2. Fossil Hermit Crab Named After Michael Jackson on Science gave homage to the King of Pop this week by naming a newly discovered prehistoric species of hermit crab Mesoparapylocheles Michaeljacksoni. The team of paleontologists saw news of Jackson's death later that same day they made their discovery, according to an article just published in a German scientific journal. Click through to read the rest of the article — it's a pretty cool discovery, with or without the entertaining name!

3. Three Generations of NASA Mars Rovers on Check out this snapshot of the entire lineage of NASA-made Martian explorers. It's like a robot family photo!

4. Bishop-Wisecarver Gets Listed in the Novus Buyer's Guide: We're excited to become part of this free online database, the "Who's Who of Green Technology Companies". So much so that we had to share the link with you on our blog here. Yet one more way to find us out there in cyberspace!

Credit: Google
5. Is Google Getting Too Personal? on PD&D Design Daily: We're excited to be a new G+ member and we're still navigating the new network to gain followers and learn its ins and outs. But this commentator has a point for all who use it as a personal profile — is it a little unsettling that Google taps into its G+ profiles to customize search results and rework those rankings per individual user? What are your thoughts?

6. The New Rules of Marketing — Hire a Journalist on We knew this one already, as evidenced by the fact that most of the BWC marketing department is made up of former newspaper reporters. It makes sense, though, since good marketing involves content creation, research and personal brand to promote the larger one.

7. Cash Prizes for Young Inventors on We're always plugging the FIRST Robotics program because we're proud to be Diamond Sponsors and we believe in the organization's mission so strongly. We geeked out learning that the science education nonprofit will offer young engineers some generous cash gifts and a shot at patenting their invention. It's called the FIRST Future Innovator Award, and you should click through the link for more details about how you or someone you know can sign up!

Credit: Fox News
8. The Difference Between Weird and Eccentric? Wealth on Cisco co-founder Sandy Lerner was interviewed as part of a documentary about start-up culture in the U.S. called Something Ventured. Check out this video clip that features part of the film where Fox interviews Lerner as she talks about being fired by her own company. The highlight is her response to a question of whether she considers herself eccentric. "I am, now that I'm rich," she quipped. "I used to just be weird."

9. Bringing Jobs Home — How Do We Get There? on It's been the topic of conversation in the industry all last year and the discussion will continue to make headlines in 2012, we're sure. Here's a column on the subject that caught our eye.

Credit: Wired Mag
10. Confessions of a Celebrity Ghost Tweeter on Some A-listers prefer to tweet themselves, others hire marketing teams to project the celebrity brand to their fans. Ghost tweeting isn't relegated just to the entertainment industry, though. Lots of businesses hire marketers to take over the micro-blogging duties for them. Wired Magazine put out this interesting Q&A with a professional tweeter, who we found pretty insightful. In it, she compares tweeting for a client to acting, because she has to learn their lingo and take on their unique voice. It's not exactly what we do in the industrial B2B space ... and at BWC, we keep the voices unique. In fact, we often tag our tweets with the author's initials. And the company prez? She has a handle all her own: @Peekan. Another good tweep to follow!