Saturday, November 26, 2011

Top 10 Twitter Posts — Thanksgiving Edition

Well, Thanksgiving wasted no time getting here! Like a lot of you, we've wrapped up our work week a couple days early. But that doesn't mean we'll end it without our regular top tweets post! We're creatures of habit. Thankfully, there's a ton of Turkey Day convo buzzing through our Twitter feeds. Here's a sampling of the chatter, which you can add to by following us on Twitter @BWCnews (but you should know that by now) ...

Credit: Jason Willome
1. Grow the Mo! via legions of tweeps: OK, so we kept seeing the #Movember and #GotheMo hashtags pop up on Twitter, but didn't check what it meant until this week. It's actually pretty cool — a bunch of dudes grow their mustache for the entire month to raise awareness for men's health issues, like prostate cancer and depression. [ Here's a site for the U.S. "Mo"-vement, in which "mo" is short for mustache ]

2. Fab Tech a Huge Success on We can certainly attest to that! This link popped up in our news feed and we had to share it because it's a cool little wrap-up of videos, photos, news and other highlights from this year's massive metal industry trade show. Awesome experience!

3. 2012's Megatrends in Manufacturing Contest on A little extra cash is something to be thankful for — and here's one way to earn some! Just log in there to start a discussion on the Manufacturing Exec. forum about what you think will be the biggest manufacturing mega-trend of the coming year. Sign up, get your social circle involved in the discussion and you may just win a $150 prize. Sounds like a good deal to us!

4. The Best Way to Achieve a Healthy Work-Life Balance via @ForkLiftSystems: At Bishop-Wisecarver, we're grateful to work for a second-generation family-owned company. This article offers some good advice about how business owners can maintain a healthy work-life balance by getting family involved, whether it's bringing them on business trips or asking for their advice on your successes and mistakes. Interesting read — what do you think about the author's suggestions?

Credit: Libby's
5. BPA Studies Throw a Wet Blanked on Thanksgiving Tradition on the Todd McPhetridge Manufacturing Daily: Apparently, there's some debate about the accuracy of recent studies saying that there's toxic BPA epoxy resin in canned food like Libby's pumpkin pie filling. This article says the toxicity was overblown and that the chemicals found in those food cans actually protect us from deadly pathogens like E.Coli. Hope that doesn't put a damper on your Turkey Day spirit!

6. Chevrolet's Century on the New Yorker: We bet the folks at Chevy are thankful for the press in this very prestigious magazine, one of the first places the manufacturer actually advertised! Looks like the car maker celebrated 100 years in business this month — the actual date was Nov. 3. The New Yorker pulled some vintage Chevy ads for a slideshow retrospective in honor of the century anniversary. Pretty cool slice of American manufacturing history!

7. Manufacturing Issues Heat Up the Campaign Trail via Our presidential election is about a year out, but manufacturing and trade policy are key issues right now for the GOP presidential candidates. Some candidates have taken pretty strong stances on the topic — read this Politico article for more on that. It'll be interesting to see how the debate shapes up in the coming months!

Credit: On Orbit Watch
8. Interview with an Astronaut via One of our Twitter followers, Chartered Mechanical Engineer and author Dr. Lucy Rogers, tweeted about an old photo of her that keeps popping up online and linked to this article. Well, we know she was just commenting on the snapshot, but we couldn't help but read this entire interview with her where she talks about space junk — good stuff! And if you'd like to follow her, too, find her at @DrLucyRogers.

9. Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos or "Einstein — Give the Guy a Break!" via @UnknownSymmetry: Self-described "armchair particle physicist, sometime rocket scientist [and] educator of young minds" Charles Simpson is new to the Twitterverse (welcome, by the way!). At the behest of Dr. Lucy, we're now one of his new followers so we spotted this link to his blog where he muses on the implications of neutrinos reportedly traveling faster than the speed of light. What does this mean for Einstein's elegant equation, he asks? Good question!

Credit: Bob Brittain
10. Wild Turkey — No, We're Not Talking About the Bourbon on @BWCnews: Did you know we actually have a family of wild turkeys around the Bishop-Wisecarver facility here? And they're no small birds either! On that note, Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here! See you on the other side of this weekend!